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Sonic Engine 360 (Essentials)

Posted 29 October 2006 - 08:15 PM

A new update 6 years later! I've now combined this old engine with my alteration and extension of Damizean's slope engine (I've fixed a few bugs from it) to create a well rounded Sonic engine with all the essentials you should need to make a Sonic game. It's designed with the aim to be easy for anybody to just pick and use as a base for their game. I have attempted to mimic the original Sega games as closely as I could with the controls, physics and animation.


Left/Right Arrow  =  Move
Down Arrow        =  Roll / Crouch
Space/Z/CTRL      =  Jump / Spin Dash (when crouched)

- Full 360 slope collision engine: different depth layers, loops, jump-through / moving platforms and physics
- Extensive animation and control sequencing: jumping, rolling, springing, waiting, running, spin dash, dying, pushing, braking, balancing
- The basic action sounds
- Items: spikes, end-post, multi-directional springs (handles springs of any angle), rings (including proper ring loss action)
- NEW! Boxes & Shields: Invincibility, Sneekers, Fire, Electricity, Water (with actions)
- Modular, well documented, neat coding style; easy to adapt
- NEW! Level Baker script included: This can optionally be used to hugely increase the efficiency of levels

Optional, but if you wish you can give credit to:

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