descriptioncreate font descriptions for neatroff
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Neatmkfn creates font description files for neatroff. It used to be called mktrfn.
2 days ago Ali Gholami... mkfn: support OpenType font collectionsmaster
12 days ago Ali Gholami... otf: ignore font full name in CFF Top Dict
12 days ago Ali Gholami... otf: extract font name from CFF name index
13 days ago Ali Gholami... otf: extract font full name from CFF table
2018-05-30 Ali Gholami... otf: handle bad GSUB format 1 tables
2018-05-28 Ali Gholami... update urw-base35 font names
2018-05-28 Ali Gholami... mkfn: start each file with a brief comment
2018-05-28 Ali Gholami... generate font descriptions from OTF files directly
2018-05-28 Ali Gholami... otf: ignore CFF table font bounding box
2018-05-22 Ali Gholami... otf: read no character name from a CFF with invalid...
2018-05-22 Ali Gholami... otf: handle invalid CFF SIDs
2018-05-22 Ali Gholami... otf: do not overwrite the name of the first glyph
2018-05-21 Ali Gholami... otf: name glyphs starting from index 0
2018-05-20 Ali Gholami... otf: version 3.0 post tables
2018-04-20 Ali Gholami... exit with an error if standard fonts are missing
2018-04-07 Ali Gholami... trfn: declare trfn_pspath() in trfn.h
2 days ago master