descriptioncreate font descriptions for neatroff
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Neatmkfn creates font description files for neatroff. It used to be called mktrfn.
2017-08-16 Ali Gholami... otf: use CFF bbox for all glyphsmaster
2017-08-16 Ali Gholami... otf: CFF charset format 0
2017-08-16 Ali Gholami... otf: otf file support
2017-08-15 Ali Gholami... use urw-core35, if available
2017-08-14 Ali Gholami... otf: use sbuf struct for storing input font
2017-08-14 Ali Gholami... sbuf: import from neatvi
2016-12-28 Ali Gholami... trfn: output two-glyph ligatures last
2016-12-28 Ali Gholami... otf: ggrp_make() can be static
2016-12-17 Ali Gholami... otf: use gpos rules for cursive attachments
2016-12-17 Ali Gholami... limit the number of scripts to include
2016-12-17 Ali Gholami... otf: for each rule report its script
2016-12-10 Ali Gholami... mkfn: select only one of DFLT and latn scripts without -S
2016-12-10 Ali Gholami... otf: mark-to-base attachment positioning GPOS subtable
2016-10-17 Ali Gholami... trfn: check for character name exceptions in trfn_char()
2016-10-17 Ali Gholami... mkfn: switch to ISC
2016-02-26 Ali Gholami... trfn_ch.h: aliases for isolated forms
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