descriptionMirror of AROS' Contrib svn.
last changeThu, 16 Nov 2017 02:07:57 +0000 (16 02:07 +0000)
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Software in this directory and in all directories below this one works
with AROS but is usually not written by AROS developers (but also usually
modified by us). The software usually has it's own copyright which is
usually different from the APL. You cannot assume that we're responsible
for this software (we'll still accept patches for it) nor that you can
copy this software as freely as you can copy AROS itself.

If you own the rights on any software in this directory tree and you
think that we infringed on any rights you have, please send an email to saying so to allow us to remove your work. It's not
necessary to send Cease&Desist letters (which will probably force me to
talk to my own lawyer which will simply make two lawyers more rich and
cost us both a lot of time) nor will such letters be looked upon
favourably. You have been warned :-)
2 days ago wawadisabled due to gcc-4.6.4 internal error, 6.3.0 works... master
3 days ago wawafixed doom build for amiga-m68k. removed all that ppc...
2017-10-30 wawadisabled some conflicting stuff for m68k target to...
2017-10-24 wawaanother warning silenced.
2017-09-06 mazzelcms2.library moved from trunk to contrib.
2017-08-25 mazzeScout: handle address NULL. This avoids a segfault...
2017-08-24 mazzeBetter check for 64-bit.
2017-08-20 mazzeasyncio.library is a prerequisite of DOpus.
2017-08-20 mazzeEnable asyncio.library.
2017-08-20 mazzeDon't copy DirectoryOpus.CFG because that file works
2017-08-19 wawareverting rubbish that has slipped in with the last...
2017-08-19 wawasome format fixes in order to get it compile for m68k...
2017-08-19 mazzeChanged "*4" in "*sizeof(APTR)" for x86_64.
2017-08-19 mazzerm_args[] are IPTR
2017-08-19 mazzeSome "cast to pointer from integer of different size...
2017-08-19 mazzeRemoved format warnings.
2 days ago master