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Sony alpha camera remote, aiming to be a free, open source replacement to Sony's Remote Camera Control software (with the addition of being easier to script and available on more platforms)
2009-03-22 Alexander Klinkquick shell script hack for tethered shooting with qivmastermob
2009-03-15 Alexander Klinkadded first version of slides for talk at Chaos Darmstadt
2009-02-22 Alexander Klinkshortened some sleeps, filename no longer needed for...
2009-02-22 Alexander Klinksplit shutter release and photo download into two commands
2009-02-12 Alexander Klinkshell wrapper
2009-02-12 Alexander KlinkTODO: read filename from camera
2009-02-12 Alexander Klinkadded command line parsing to trigger to enable an...
2009-02-10 Alexander Klinktrigger: increase timeout again and only read once...
2009-02-08 Alexander Klinkadded a TODO list
2009-02-08 Alexander Klinksome cleanup: we now have a file for common functions...
2009-02-08 Alexander Klinkadded LICENSE file (MIT license)
2009-02-08 Alexander Klinkadded quick README
2009-02-08 Alexander Klinkusleep is apparently not needed during bulk download... mastermob
2009-02-08 Alexander Klinktrigger: download and writing away the image
2009-02-08 Alexander Klinktrigger and retrieve image (retrieve and save is still...
2009-02-07 Alexander Klinkcomment
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