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Girocco is a Git project hosting system used on, but written and packaged for easy re-deployment anywhere. (read more)
2016-10-27 Kyle J. McKaymirrors: show "git@" ssh fetch URLmaster
2016-10-27 Kyle J. McKaygitweb: pick up updates
2016-10-26 Kyle J. McKay<sup>: improve formatting
2016-10-24 Kyle J. McKayssh: enable fetches using "git" user
2016-10-09 Kyle J. McKaychrootsetup: make sure bsd-ish chroots have etc/auth...
2016-10-09 Kyle J. correct crud pattern .tmp-?*-pack to .tmp-?...
2016-10-08 Kyle J. McKayinstall: make sure to record full paths for utilities
2016-10-08 Kyle J. McKaymob.html: personal mob updates do NOT generate CIA...
2016-10-08 Kyle J. verify $Girocco::Config::nc_openbsd_bin...
2016-10-08 Kyle J. always generate optimized packs
2016-10-08 Kyle J. McKaybitmaps: include a bitmap hash cache by default
2016-10-07 Kyle J. suppress new branch diffstat for root+merge
2016-10-07 Kyle J. update to latest
2016-09-25 Kyle J. McKayclone/update: optimize ref removal
2016-09-25 Kyle J. use ${APACHE_LOG_DIR} and nickname...
2016-09-25 Kyle J. include input byte count if available
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