descriptionTk based UI for Git
last changeThu, 20 Oct 2016 10:19:43 +0000 (20 11:19 +0100)
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A simple Tk based graphical interface for common Git operations.
44 hours ago Pat Thoytsgit-gui: set version 0.21mastergitgui-0.21.0
44 hours ago Pat ThoytsMerge branch 'as/bulgarian' into pupu
44 hours ago Alexander Shopovgit-gui: Mark 'All' in remote.tcl for translation
44 hours ago Alexander Shopovgit-gui i18n: Updated Bulgarian translation (565,0f,0u)
44 hours ago Pat ThoytsMerge branch 'os/preserve-author' into pu
44 hours ago Pat ThoytsMerge branch 'kb/unicode' into pu
2016-10-06 Pat Thoytsgit-gui: avoid persisting modified author identity
2016-10-06 Karsten Bleesgit-gui: handle the encoding of Git's output correctly
2016-10-06 Karsten Bleesgit-gui: unicode file name support on windows
2016-10-04 Pat ThoytsMerge branch 'dr/ru' into pu
2016-10-04 Dimitriy Ryazantcevgit-gui: Update Russian translation
2016-10-04 Pat Thoytsgit-gui: maintain backwards compatibility for merge...
2016-10-03 Pat ThoytsMerge branch 'va/i18n_2' into pu
2016-10-03 Vasco Almeidagit-gui i18n: mark string in lib/error.tcl for translation
2016-10-03 Vasco Almeidagit-gui: fix incorrect use of Tcl append command
2016-10-03 Vasco Almeidagit-gui i18n: mark "usage:" strings for translation
44 hours ago patthoyts-gpg-pub GPG key to sign git-gui.git archives.
44 hours ago gitgui-0.21.0 git-gui 0.21.0
18 months ago gitgui-0.20.0 git-gui 0.20.0
2 years ago gitgui-0.19.0 git-gui 0.19.0
3 years ago gitgui-0.18.0 git-gui 0.18.0
4 years ago gitgui-0.17.0 git-gui 0.17.0
4 years ago gitgui-0.16.0 git-gui 0.16.0
5 years ago gitgui-0.15.0 git-gui 0.15
5 years ago gitgui-0.14.0 git-gui 0.14
6 years ago gitgui-0.13.0 git-gui 0.13.0
7 years ago gitgui-0.12.0 git-gui 0.12.0
8 years ago gitgui-0.11.0 git-gui 0.11.0
8 years ago gitgui-0.10.2 git-gui 0.10.2
8 years ago gitgui-0.10.1 git-gui 0.10.1
8 years ago gitgui-0.10.0 git-gui 0.10.0
8 years ago gitgui-0.9.3 git-gui 0.9.3
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