descriptionbsd_auth provider for KerberosV
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The login_krb5 and login_krb5-or-pwd utilities implement the KerberosV authentication mechanism (with an optional fallback to standard password authentication).
The code was forked off OpenBSD 5.5-current before the removal of Kerberos.
2018-06-14 Antoine JacoutotSync with recent upstrean changes:master
2016-12-17 Antoine JacoutotFix for heimdal >= 7
2016-09-07 Antoine JacoutotSync with current to use readpassphrase.
2016-08-31 Antoine JacoutotSync with r1.13:
2015-11-22 Antoine JacoutotSync with OpenBSD:
2015-11-19 Antoine Jacoutotgetpwnam -> getpwnam_shadow
2015-10-25 Antoine JacoutotMissed in previous.
2015-10-25 Antoine JacoutotDon't compile pwd_gensalt, it's not needed since we...
2015-10-17 Antoine JacoutotMerge pledge(2) from OpenBSD src.
2015-10-10 Antoine JacoutotSync with OpenBSD:
2015-09-20 Antoine JacoutotDocument the fact that the authentication helper and...
2015-09-20 Antoine JacoutotRemove login_passwd man page, it's not needed.
2015-09-18 Antoine JacoutotNeeds rpath.
2015-09-18 Antoine JacoutotInitial import.
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