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last changeSun, 15 Jul 2018 17:57:29 +0000 (15 18:57 +0100)
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This repository is intended to be a central place for many window maker ( dockapps which were not actively maintained anymore. Suggestions to add more dockapps as well as patches are welcome. Most of these dockapps are very old and can definitely profit from cleanups.
2018-07-15 Doug Torrancewmthrottle: Remove autogenerated autotools files from... master
2018-07-15 Doug Torrancewmthrottle: Add version 0.1.1 to repository.
2018-07-13 Doug Torrancewmmemfree: Bump to version 0.8.wmmemfree-0.8
2018-07-13 Doug Torrancewmmemfree: Include only necessary headers.
2018-07-13 Doug Torrancewmmemfree: Add error handling for fscanf.
2018-07-13 Doug Torrancewmmemfree: Parse modern /proc/meminfo
2018-07-13 Doug Torrancewmmemfree: Add version 0.7 to repository.
2018-07-12 Doug Torrancewmmisc: Bump to version 1.2.wmmisc-1.2
2018-07-12 Doug Torrancewmmisc: Add desktop entry file.
2018-07-12 Doug Torrancewmmisc: Update documentation.
2018-07-12 Doug Torrancewmmisc: Add support for wmgeneral's -geometry command...
2018-07-12 Doug Torrancewmmisc: Add support for wmgeneral's -display command...
2018-07-12 Doug Torrancewmmisc: Add manpage from Debian.
2018-07-12 Doug Torrancewmmisc: Use autoconf defines for version number and...
2018-07-12 Doug Torrancewmmisc: Add error handling for fscanf.
2018-07-12 Doug Torrancewmmisc: Don't link against X11 libs; unnecessary.
4 weeks ago wmmemfree-0.8
5 weeks ago wmmisc-1.2
5 weeks ago asmon-0.72
7 weeks ago wmifs-1.9
7 weeks ago wmusic-2.0.0
4 months ago wmmon-1.4
9 months ago wmbattery-2.51
11 months ago wmframepic-0.2
12 months ago wmmoonclock-1.29
12 months ago wmmon-1.3
17 months ago cnslock-1.03
18 months ago wmgtemp-1.2
18 months ago wmgtemp-1.1
19 months ago wmlongrun-0.3.1
20 months ago wmbiff-0.4.30
20 months ago wmhdplop-0.9.10
4 weeks ago master