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last changeWed, 4 Oct 2017 11:14:30 +0000 (4 12:14 +0100)
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This repository is intended to be a central place for many window maker ( dockapps which were not actively maintained anymore. Suggestions to add more dockapps as well as patches are welcome. Most of these dockapps are very old and can definitely profit from cleanups.
2017-10-04 Doug Torrancecputnik: Add version 0.2.0 to repository.master
2017-09-29 Doug Torrancewmix: Bump to version 3.3.
2017-09-29 Doug Torrancewmix: Add desktop entry file.
2017-09-29 Doug Torrancewmix: Use autotools for build.
2017-09-18 Doug Torrancewmapm: Use libdockapp for wmgeneral.
2017-09-18 Doug Torrancewmapm: Add version 3.1 to repository.
2017-09-15 Doug TorranceRemove various hidden and backup files from git.
2017-09-13 Doug Torrancewmisdn: Add version 1.81 to repository.
2017-09-13 Doug Torrancewmjiface: Add version 1.7cb to repository.
2017-09-10 Doug Torrancefookb: Bump to version 4.0.
2017-09-10 Doug Torrancefookb: Update manpage.
2017-09-10 Doug Torrancefookb: Update INSTALL.
2017-09-10 Doug Torrancefookb: Remove out-of-date script and empty...
2017-09-10 Doug Torrancefookb: Add desktop entry file.
2017-09-10 Doug Torrancefookb: Remove --enable-wmaker compile-time option.
2017-09-10 Doug Torrancefookb: Use libdockapp instead of X resource manager...
8 weeks ago wmframepic-0.2
2 months ago wmmoonclock-1.29
2 months ago wmmon-1.3
7 months ago cnslock-1.03
8 months ago wmgtemp-1.2
8 months ago wmgtemp-1.1
9 months ago wmlongrun-0.3.1
10 months ago wmbiff-0.4.30
10 months ago wmhdplop-0.9.10
10 months ago wmhdplop-0.9.9
11 months ago wmcpuload-1.1.1
11 months ago wmcpuload-1.1.0pre5
14 months ago wmbiff-0.4.29
17 months ago wmifs-1.8
17 months ago wmifs-1.7
20 months ago wmtop-0.85
2 weeks ago master