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Project Description Owner Last Change
0verkill.git 0verkill, a game in ASCII-Art 9 years ago
an0rqz.git Simple game project inspired by roguelikes an0rqz@ze.yi.orgANISM 11 years ago
awish.git Awish: Avish reborn! (rewriting of old MS... 7 years ago
ba.git No commits
begorra.git A GPL Go program. 13 years ago
blobwars-mingw.git A MinGW "port" of Blob Wars, a 2D platform... 12 years ago
boaqonstrictior.git A snake-like game (Uni project by Luminy... 10 years ago
caro.git Gomoku game written in Ruby on Rails 12 years ago
chimera.git Yet another 2D RPG game 12 years ago
chocolate-doom.git Mirror of the Chocolate Doom subversion repos... mikeonthecomputer... 10 years ago
cmover.git Move a character over the screen 11 years ago
couchpytato.git Multimedia-jukebox application written in... 13 years ago
crack-attack.git Crack Attack! is a fast-paced puzzle game... 13 years ago
cToan.git cToan: Can't Think Of A Name. But it's on... TidusBlade@watermelonaddi... 10 years ago
d2df-sdl.git a port of Doom 2D Forever to FPC/SDL 12 days ago
d2dvcd.git GNU/Linux port of Doom2D game. Now with color... 10 months ago
dbw.git A platform game based on Blob Wars from Paral... 12 years ago
dormin.git Dormin 8 years ago
dribble.git a football manager game 13 years ago
dvx.git Death Valley X - the Openmoko Game 12 years ago
fail.git OpenGL game engine 11 years ago
fegdk.git 3d game engine 13 years ago
flatwaifu.git portable version of Doom2D game engine 11 days ago
games-railroad.git moved to No commits
gdvolley.git A tiny crappy volleyball game. 11 years ago
gentoo-interactive-fiction.git Gentoo ebuilds for players and authors of... 14 months ago
getmangos.git MaNGOS is a free, Open Source implementation... 2 months ago
gf1.git GIPF for 1 - Play GIPF against the computer 11 years ago
Git-Me-Secret-Mario-Chromicles.git This is just a gitified version of SMC.... 11 years ago
glAntsMech.git glAnts Mech Game - (for Open Linux/Win32... 13 years ago
glgame.git hard testing 12 years ago
gljewel.git Gem-matching game 12 years ago
gnushogi.git GNU Shogi - official repository mirror 3 years ago
gocam.git Patches to the GoCam image-recognition softwa... 12 years ago
goir.git Go Image Recognition system 12 years ago
GoMoku3D.git A 3D version of the popular GoMoku board... 13 years ago
h2d.git simple 2d sdl wargame 10 years ago
halbot.git A small Python IRC bot custom-built for irc... 11 years ago
happer.git School project. Some sort of an almost turn... No commits
hex-a-hop.git puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles 12 years ago
hik.git Hunt and Kill - homebrew game No commits
Image2SGF.git Patches to the Image2SGF image-recognition... 12 years ago
jumpnbump.git cute multiplayer platform game with bunnies ansgar-guest@alioth... 12 years ago
k8opentitus.git fork of OpenTitus engine 9 years ago
k8vavoom.git fork of Vavoom Doom Engine, with alot of... 7 hours ago
kaos.git Kaos - Compiler for creatures game scripts 12 years ago
kaya.git KDE Board Game Suite 9 years ago
kaya/ydirson.git Yann's patches for kaya 11 years ago
kboard.git Generic board game application for KDE 13 years ago
kdegames.git kdegames experimental stuff 12 years ago
kilo_torcs_tracks.git Tracks for Speed Dreams / TORCS by kilo 9 years ago
kong.git ATTENTION: This project has moved to http... 12 years ago
Lilanci.git a small action game 10 years ago
lodematron.git Common lisp parser for various model formats... 12 years ago
ltanks.git little tanks game 12 years ago
luagame.git LuaGame game execution environment 12 years ago
manicminer.git Manic Miner PC Linux version 11 years ago
MidoriGraph.git An entity/component game engine. 13 years ago
minetest-c55.git An extensible sandbox survival game 19 months ago
nespa.git Nespa, starship simulation game 12 years ago
netwalk.git A puzzle game: connect all terminals to the... 3 years ago
neverball-archive.git An archive of every Neverball release/snapsho... 16 years ago
neverball.git A mirror of the Neverball Subversion repo 6 years ago
oggquiz.git A simple quiz on songs from your ogg/vorbis... 9 years ago
omaha.git GUI to play arbitrary board games, aiming... 6 years ago
omkili-love.git A game of entering into drawings (WIP) 13 months ago
openspeak.git A VoIP application for gamer 13 years ago
orange-guys-quest.git An old platformer I wrote in Python a long... 14 months ago
otium.git An ascii-graphics strategic adventure game 13 years ago
pachi.git Pachi Simple Go/Baduk/Weiqi Bot 4 years ago
pallanguli.git Pallanguli is played by Tamil women of southe... 13 years ago
PersonaRL.git A roguelike based on the Shin Megami Tensei... 9 years ago
poca-love.git A logic game xpio@tesla.rcub... 3 months ago
poopmup2.git An urban flight simulator game. 10 years ago
potpourri.git This is a 2d game engine. 12 years ago
psg.git Pool Simulation Game 12 years ago
qdgdf.git Quick and Dirty Game Development Framework 9 years ago
realism.git Realism RPG 13 years ago
rlserver.git A special telnet server for roguelike games 12 years ago
roofball.git RoofBall game 12 years ago
schiebespiel.git Compute solutions for the "Schiebespiel"... 14 years ago
scorched3d.git Scorched3D git-svn mirror ("/trunk/scorched... 12 years ago
scummvm-innocent.git Remake of "Innocent Until Caught" 11 years ago
scuttle.git multiplayer 3d shooter with small flying... 13 years ago
sdlbotor.git Clone of "The Game Of Robot" 11 years ago
Shogi.git Shogi game with Qt 13 years ago
shogivar.git Shogi Variants - a GUI and computer playe... 6 years ago
singularity-git.git A simulation of a true AI. Go from computer... 9 years ago
skycrusade.git An online strategy game. 12 years ago
SwashRL.git Yet Another Open-Source Roguelike 7 months ago
tagua.git A generic board game application 3 years ago
tennix.git Multiplayer SDL tennis game 13 months ago
tower.git A multiplayer tower building game. 12 years ago
TrainBwister.git Enhance your fluid intelligence. 12 years ago
treibjagd.git An online card game. 12 years ago
troncode.git Write programs to play a tron-like game andybalaam@artificialworl... 12 years ago
tsunagari.git Tsunagari Tile Engine 10 years ago
tuxanci.git Tuxanci is first tux shooter inspired by... 10 years ago
uboot.git submarine game with löve2d 8 years ago
urggr.git An horizontal shoot'em up made with the fail... 12 years ago
wakedown.gameserver.git A try to create a generic mmorpg's game serve... 13 years ago
waspsaliva.git minetest hacked client (dragonfire fork) 7 days ago
XML-GAME-CREATOR.git XML Game creator is a project that aims to... 11 years ago
zoomy.git A "game" intended for 2-3 year-olds. It zooms... andybalaam@artificialworl... 12 years ago