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descriptionYann's patches for kaya
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Kaya - KDE board game suite

Kaya is a collection of board games for KDE, currently containing chess and shogi. Kaya is built on a powerful plugin system which makes it easily extensible with new games, themes and behaviors.


A Kasparov game displayed by Kaya

2009-07-19 Yann DirsonFix minishogi notation, enabling play against gnuminishogi.master
2009-07-18 Yann DirsonPut gnushogi engine in debug mode, as xboard already is.
2009-07-17 Paolo CapriottiWork around the undo limitation in the xboard protocol.
2009-07-17 Paolo CapriottiAdd undo support to the xboard engine.
2009-07-17 Paolo CapriottiAdd undo manager.
2009-07-17 Paolo CapriottiFix tests.
2009-07-17 Paolo CapriottiFixed off by one error in clock positioning.
2009-07-17 Paolo CapriottiImplemented theme loader.
2009-07-16 Paolo CapriottiFix rounding error in XBoard layout.
2009-07-16 Paolo CapriottiSimplify layouts plugin directory structure.
2009-07-16 Paolo CapriottiInitial implementation of XBoard theme plugins.
2009-07-16 Paolo CapriottiFix square coloring.
2009-07-16 Paolo CapriottiReintroduce accidentally deleted Premover invocation.
2009-07-12 Paolo CapriottiFactor common code out of xboard and gnushogi engines.
2009-07-12 Paolo CapriottiMake test_animation_field self-contained.
2009-07-12 Paolo CapriottiDisallow dropping a lance on the last row.
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