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Project Description Owner Last Change
amarok.git distributedish development branch of Amarok... hydrogen@notyetimplemente... 12 years ago
dyskinesia.git Dyskinesia -- Qt4 PSYC client 4 years ago
git-cola.git git-cola: A highly caffeinated git GUI 2 weeks ago
GoMoku3D.git A 3D version of the popular GoMoku board... 12 years ago
ImageView.git Small image viewer using Qt4 pekka.kaitaniemi... 12 years ago
Khopper.git An audio spliter 9 years ago
kphotoalbum.git KDE Photo Album is a tool for indexing, searc... 10 years ago
kworship.git Church worship & presentation software 9 years ago
libxmms2client-qt.git Qt 4 bindings for the XMMS2 client library 12 years ago
musique.git Qt 4 client for XMMS2 12 years ago
ng-jackspa.git simple LADSPA plugin hosts for JACK (cli... 2 years ago
photoboothMX.git cabina fotografica 8 years ago
pyqtrailer.git Application to download movie trailers from... No commits
qanava.git Qanava is a C++ library designed to display... 12 years ago
qbat.git Qt4 Systray Battery Monitor 10 years ago
qgit4.git qgit ported to Qt4 10 years ago
qsnippetsmanager.git Qt4 Snippets Manager 11 years ago
qtdict.git Qt4 based hungarian-to-any, any-to-hungarian... andrewbecsi@yahoo... 10 years ago
qtodo.git A todo list manager written with python and Qt4 12 years ago
quicksms.git an Qt4 application which purpose is to make... kowalski.slawek... 10 years ago
squawker.git A client written in C++/Qt4,... 13 years ago
system_status.git System Status is a simple plasmoid meant... 11 years ago
trojita.git Trojita is a Qt IMAP client. 5 weeks ago
urggr.git An horizontal shoot'em up made with the fail... 11 years ago
vng.git new git UI 10 years ago