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chanembed.git No commits
FaRetSys.git FaRetSys -- extensible image recognition... 13 years ago
fbvis.git A framebuffer image viewer 5 years ago
flare.git Flare Image Library 9 years ago
gliv.git GLiv - OpenGL Image Viewer 10 years ago
ImageView.git Small image viewer using Qt4 pekka.kaitaniemi... 13 years ago
liblqr.git Liquid Rescale library 8 years ago
marvin.git Marvin is a simple photo viewer and importer. 12 years ago
nixpics.git UNIX-style photo-organizing utilities 11 years ago
Photos2Atom.git 🎨 Static web photo galleries from local image... 9 months ago
pictrails.git A Web Photo Gallery, written with Rails 2... 13 years ago
Skavegra.git A simple tool to view SVG images. 5 years ago