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Project Description Owner Last Change
boost.git Boost git-svn mirror 12 years ago
cerebrum.git RPC framework for interaction with c firmware... 6 years ago
extl.git a c++ generic library 11 years ago
libcoin.git Bitcoin, Ethereum, Multichain C library 19 months ago
libdbw.git DB wrapper 5 months ago
libex.git C-Lib 3 weeks ago
libg2hec.git A Genus 2 Crypto C++ Library 12 years ago
libha.git simple GPL compression library using ASC... 7 years ago
libjio.git Journaled I/O library albertito@blitiri... 9 years ago
liblqr.git Liquid Rescale library 8 years ago
libxsql.git sql report library 4 months ago
nfoiled.git The Rubyist's interface to Ncurses. 12 years ago
pytrailer.git simple library using JSON and few simple... No commits