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Project Description Owner Last Change
autoconf.git Mirror of the GNU Autoconf repository 4 weeks ago
automake.git Mirror of the GNU Automake repository 4 days ago
boost.git Boost git-svn mirror 12 years ago
clang.git GIT mirror of clang project 10 years ago
codimension.git codimension git mirror 6 years ago
django.git Mirror of the django web framework 12 years ago
docutils.git docutils git mirror 2 weeks ago
FFMpeg-mirror.git Mirror of the official FFMpeg Git repo 2 hours ago
gae-samples.git gae-samples git mirror 7 years ago
gae.git google appengine git mirror 5 years ago
geda-gaf.git geda-gaf git mirror 2 weeks ago
geda-gerbv.git gEDA/gerbv CVS import 9 years ago
geda-pcb.git gEDA/pcb CVS import 2 hours ago
git-blog.git Ridiculously minimalist blogware - write... 12 years ago
glibc.git git mirror of glibc CVS 2 days ago
gnulib.git Mirror of the GNU Gnulib repository 3 hours ago
gnus.git Gnus repository mirror 5 years ago
HandBrake.git GIT mirror of HandBrake SVN. Along with unoff... 5 years ago
jkt-jerboa.git jkt's branch of Jerboa, a music player 12 years ago
jruby.git git mirror for jruby svn 12 years ago
linux-2.6.git Linus' kernel tree 7 years ago
llvm.git LLVM GIT repository (mirror) 10 years ago
lua.git Mirror of the Lua history from 1.0 - 5.1... 13 years ago
make.git GNU Make CVS Git mirror (updated by hand) 8 years ago
mcs.git git-svn mirror of mcs 10 years ago
mono.git git-svn mirror of mono 10 years ago
mozilla-1.9.git Mirror of Mozilla 1.9 mercurial repository 12 years ago
mozilla-central.git git mirror of mozilla-central 10 years ago
oscam.git Open Source Conditional Access Modul 5 weeks ago
parrot.git parrot vm git mirror 10 years ago
pulseaudio-mirror.git A mirror of the PulseAudio repo stefan.naew+git... 9 years ago
pygobject.git pygobject mirror 2 years ago
python.git python git mirror 11 years ago
ruby-svn.git ruby svn mirror 12 years ago
ruby.git The Ruby Programming Language 7 hours ago
Samba.git Samba GIT mirror 42 hours ago
samba.git Samba git mirror 42 hours ago
switzerland.git EFF Switzerland (unofficial mirror) stolen-from-repodotordotc... 12 years ago
tails.git Tor-ified, amnesic Live system 19 hours ago
vlc.git VLC Development tree mirror 7 weeks ago
xiph.git Mirror of Xiph's Subversion repository 12 years ago
xxxterm.git XXXTerm 9 years ago
xxxterm/127001.git isalwaysright@conformalirc 9 years ago
zsh.git git mirror of zsh cvs 12 years ago