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Project Description Owner Last Change
bbdb-vcard.git vCard Import and Export for The Insidious... 8 years ago
bMailZu.git Bastiaan's Mailzu development 11 years ago
davical.git DAViCal CalDAV & CardDAV Server 5 years ago
fmail.git Small and hightly modular mail server 10 years ago
kartero.git kartero -- a mail submission client 11 years ago
krufty_fps.git This is a little project I'm being forced... 11 years ago
mailx.git A small mailx clone 3 years ago
MUMail.cvs.git MUMail is a Java applet designed to let you... 10 years ago
navymail.git store and synchronize mail in git 3 years ago
neatmail.git A command-line mail client. 8 weeks ago
nginx.git nginx fast proxy server 7 years ago
ottawa-travel-planner.git Use Ottawa's transit route planner from Pytho... 11 years ago
pfb-moodle.git Temp moodle code with email interface 11 years ago
pop3.git A simple pop3 client and MDA 8 months ago
pymailheaders.git Pymailheaders 10 years ago
rox-postal.git An Email Check Applet for the ROX Desktop 11 years ago
s-mailx.git A mail processing system intended to provide... 14 hours ago
smtp.git A small smtp client 10 months ago
sup.git A console-based email client for people with... 10 years ago
trojita.git Trojita is a Qt IMAP client. 2 months ago
wvapps.git wvdial, retchmail, wvtftp, replytolist, etc. 10 years ago