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Project Description Owner Last Change
begorra.git A GPL Go program. 13 years ago
eidogo-ojd.git EidoGO OpenJosekiDatabase fork 13 years ago
eidogo.git web-based go software 13 years ago
gocam.git Patches to the GoCam image-recognition softwa... 12 years ago
goir.git Go Image Recognition system 12 years ago
gostyle.git determine playing style in the game of go 7 years ago
hategod.git Just another Go server 11 years ago
Image2SGF.git Patches to the Image2SGF image-recognition... 12 years ago
matilda.git Go/Igo/Wéiqí/Baduk playing software for Linux... 10 months ago
mlgo.git An AI for the game of GO written in ML 12 years ago
omaha.git GUI to play arbitrary board games, aiming... 6 years ago
pachi.git Pachi Simple Go/Baduk/Weiqi Bot 4 years ago
pachi/ann.git Artificial Neural Net engine vlasinvlad@yahoo... 10 years ago
pachi/derm.git Pachiderm: Pachi Distributed Engine for Rapid... 10 years ago