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Project Description Owner Last Change
kate-drupal-snippets.git 8 years ago
tagua.git A generic board game application 12 months ago
squawker.git A client written in C++/Qt4,... 11 years ago
qtscriptgenerator/amarok.git Amarok branch of qtscriptgenerator 9 years ago
basket4.git BasKet Note Pads 4: An information organizer... 10 years ago
kworship.git Church worship & presentation software 7 years ago
amarok.git distributedish development branch of Amarok... hydrogen@notyetimplemente... 10 years ago
plasmaevents.git Events from KdePIM suite as the plasma applet 10 years ago
kdeadmin.git Experimental kdeadmin stuff 9 years ago
kdebase.git Experimental kdebase stuff 9 years ago
kdeedu.git Experimental kdeedu stuff 13 years ago
kdemultimedia.git Experimental kdemultimedia stuff 10 years ago
gdb.git GDB/KDevelop 10 years ago
kboard.git Generic board game application for KDE 11 years ago
kdeapps-overlay.git Gentoo Overlay for KDE Apps bramschoenmakers... 10 years ago
ebuildfind.git gentoo overlays search engine amirouche.boubekki... 9 years ago
KFingerManager.git KDE Fingerprint manager 9 years ago
kmk.git KDE Music Catalog 10 years ago
kphotoalbum.git KDE Photo Album is a tool for indexing, searc... 8 years ago
kde-ru.git KDE russian team repo 10 years ago
musik.git kde4 simplest musik player 10 years ago
kdeaccessibility.git kdeaccessibility experimental stuff 9 years ago
kdeartwork.git kdeartwork experimental stuff 9 years ago
kdeedu-porting.git KDEEDU for porting Avogadro 10 years ago
kdegames.git kdegames experimental stuff 9 years ago
kdelibs.git kdelibs experimental stuff 9 years ago
kdenetwork.git kdenetwork experimental stuff 9 years ago
kdevelopdvcssupport.git KDevelop DVCS support 10 years ago
klaudia.git Klaudia is a Linux Audio Applications Manager... 6 years ago
raptor.git Raptor is the new menu for KDE 4 11 years ago
rsibreak.git RSIbreak -- from kde/extragear/rsibreak 9 years ago
system_status.git System Status is a simple plasmoid meant... 9 years ago
kdebase/uwolfer.git working branch for uwolfer 10 years ago