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Project Description Owner Last Change
gmpc-awn.git 8 years ago
gtk-doc.git 14 months ago
libmpd.git A C library for accessing mpd, used in gmpc. 4 years ago
gmpc-favorites.git A GMPC brower plugin to show your favorite... 10 years ago
gmpc-alarm.git A GMPC plugin for alarm timer action. 8 years ago
gmpc-mdcover.git A GMPC plugin that fetches cover art, artist... 9 years ago
gmpc-mdcover2.git A GMPC plugin that fetches cover art, artist... 10 years ago
gmpc-random-playlist.git A GMPC plugin to create a random playlist... 10 years ago
gmpc-extraplaylist.git A GMPC plugin to expand a second window to... 8 years ago
gmpc-wikipedia.git A GMPC plugin to fetch the wikipedia informat... 8 years ago
gmpc-avahi.git A GMPC plugin to find MPD servers and automat... 8 years ago
gmpc-autoplaylist.git A GMPC plugin to generate playlists based... 10 years ago
gmpc-playlistsort.git A GMPC plugin to sort the playlist in various... 9 years ago
gmpc-qosd.git A on-screen-display written to look nicer... 10 years ago
dictix.git A re-writen gnome-sound-recorder 7 years ago
squawker.git A client written in C++/Qt4,... 12 years ago
alacarte.git alacarte mirror 23 months ago
anjuta-git-plugin.git Anjuta IDE Git Plugin Development Tree 11 years ago
anjuta.git anjuta mirror 14 months ago
anjuta-extras.git anjuta-extras 13 months ago
atk.git atk mirror 14 months ago
banshee.git banshee mirror 20 months ago
brasero.git brasero mirror 14 months ago
bug-buddy.git bug-buddy mirror 3 years ago
cheese.git cheese 13 months ago
cl-notify.git Common lisp bindings for libnotify 11 years ago
tomfox.git Create Tomboy notes within Firefox 10 years ago
dasher.git dasher mirror 14 months ago
dconf.git dconf mirror 13 months ago
gst-scaletempo-demo-rj.git Demo of Scaletempo for GStreamer rovjuvano@users... 11 years ago
jackfield.git Desktop Widget engine for the GNOME desktop 11 years ago
empathy-mirror.git empathy mirror 15 months ago
evolution.git evolution mirror 13 months ago
glib.git glib mirror 13 months ago
gmpc.git GMPC's repository 3 years ago
tivo4tiny.git Gnome app that fetches & converts shows from... billycub@users.sourceforg... 11 years ago
nova.git Gnome Ephemeris 11 years ago
ephy-soc.git GNOME Epiphany SoC Project 12 years ago
rhythmbox.git GNOME music player 11 years ago
gssmp.git Gnome Simple Stateful Music Player andybalaam@artificialworl... 10 years ago
blorb-thumbnailer.git GNOME thumbnailer for Blorb files 7 years ago
vala-gnome.git Gnome vala 14 months ago
gnome-utils.git gnome-utils mirror 7 years ago
gnumeric.git gnumeric mirror 13 months ago
gst-davinci.git Gstreamer plugins for TI DaVinci 11 years ago
gst-pulse.git GStreamer PulseAudio plugin (svn mirror) 11 years ago
girtod.git GTK Bindings for the D programming language 6 years ago he plugin can fetch artist images... 9 years ago
gmpc-jamendo.git Jamendo plugin for gmpc 7 years ago
jhbuild.git Jhbuild 14 months ago
gmpc-lyricwiki.git Lyricwiki plugin for gmpc 8 years ago
undertow.git Media aggregator for GNOME 11 years ago
nautilus.git Nautilus File Manager (svn mirror) 11 years ago
nautilus-actions.git nautilus-actions mirror 2 years ago
xournal.git Notetaking, sketching application for GTK... 7 years ago
pygobject.git pygobject mirror 14 months ago
gst-scaletempo-rj.git Scaletempo for GStreamer rovjuvano@users... 11 years ago
trivial-gtk.git Simple GTK binding generator for Common Lisp 11 years ago
gmpc-libnotify.git Song change notifier using libnotify, a gener... 7 years ago
gmpc-magnatune.git The plugin allows you to browse, and preview... 7 years ago
gmpc-lirc.git This is a LIRC plugin for GMPC 9 years ago
gmpc-stopbutton.git This plugin adds a stop button to the control... 10 years ago
gmpc-mserver.git This plugin allows seamless file transfers... 9 years ago
gmpc-coveramazon.git This plugin fetches cover art, and album... 10 years ago
gmpc-lyrics.git This plugin fetches lyrics from the internet... 8 years ago
gmpc-osd.git This plugin provides an on-screen-display... 10 years ago
gmpc-serverstats.git This plugin shows graphical detailed informat... 10 years ago
gmpc-shout.git This plugin will automatically plug your... 9 years ago
yelp.git yelp mirror 14 months ago