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Project Description Owner Last Change
jackpanel.git A graphical control application for the JACK... 10 years ago
quincer.git A sequencer for composed music 2 years ago
Jack-Compiler.git Compiler for Hack platform. 9 years ago
libflashsupport-jack/new-kernel-support.git Fork for libflashsupport-jack for Linux ... 9 years ago
jack.git JACK Audio Connection Kit wantingwaiting@users... 10 years ago
jack_mixer.git JACK audio mixer 3 weeks ago
jackwsmeter.git jack meter over websockets 6 years ago
jack2.git JACK2 codebase 7 years ago
klaudia.git Klaudia is a Linux Audio Applications Manager... 8 years ago
libflashsupport-jack.git for Adobe Flash with Jack... 9 years ago
jackctlmmc.git MMC Control for JACK transport 9 years ago
galan.git modular synth sequencer using jack 10 years ago
jack-smf-utils.git Simple JACK MIDI player and recorder 11 years ago
ng-jackspa.git simple LADSPA plugin hosts for JACK (cli... 2 years ago
jack_interposer.git small library that you can LD_PRELOAD to... jack_interposer... 10 years ago
sannot.git Sound annotation utility 10 years ago
jack-keyboard.git Virtual keyboard for JACK MIDI 11 years ago