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descriptionFork for libflashsupport-jack for Linux >= 2.6.38
last changeSun, 17 Jul 2011 15:44:16 +0000 (17 17:44 +0200)
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Fork of libflashsupport-jack that fixes simple problem with Linux 2.6.38 and new.
This version dropped support for videodev.h, that is now available in libv4l.h.
2011-07-17 RagzidSupport for Linux 2.6.38 and newer.master
2010-09-28 Torben Hohnupps fix uname -a to uname -m
2010-09-28 Torben Hohntry to fix some fedora issues
2009-05-27 Torben Hohnremove check for version > 0.100 (fails with jacknone)
2009-05-27 Torben Hohnmake ringbuffer alloc mem via FPI_MemAlloc, and say...
2009-03-31 Torben HohnMerge branch 'experimental' but switch back to non...
2009-03-31 Torben Hohnwith one buffer in ringbuffer it seems to work.
2009-03-31 Torben Hohnonly make one buffer fit into the ringbuffer
2009-03-31 Torben Hohnbe a bit more careful to not trigger race conditions...
2009-03-31 Torben Hohnreport ringbuffer readspace as latency.
2009-03-30 Torben Hohn[jack] make port to connect to configurable via environ...
2009-03-30 Torben Hohndecouple flash from jack thread with ringbuffer
2009-02-14 Torben Hohn[jack] initial jack support.
2008-03-28 Lennart Poetteringlibflashsupport works fine with pa 0.9.5
2007-09-27 Lennart PoetteringMerge branch 'master' of ssh://rootserver/home/lennart...
2007-09-27 Lennart PoetteringBe a little bit more elaborate in the comments
7 years ago master
9 years ago bigbuffer
9 years ago fallback