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Project Description Owner Last Change
jimb.git Jabber Instant Messaging Bot 10 years ago
phpns.git Phpns is a free and open source PHP news... 12 years ago
simply-gallery.git Simply, null configuration, with K.I.S.S... 11 years ago
lycee.git Lycee trading card game website No commits
phplua.git LUA for PHP is a PHP extension which allows... andreas.streichardt... 8 years ago
recordtv.git Record TV records TV on your Linux desktop andybalaam@artificialworl... 6 years ago
canvas.git A Web Application Development Framework for... 12 years ago
carbonphp.git carbonPHP is a framework for PHP using the... 12 years ago
qcms.git CakePHP CMS 12 years ago
slashcake.git Open source components for use with CakePHP 12 years ago
kate-drupal-snippets.git 10 years ago
phpgit.git PHP Git interface, a loose port of GitPython 12 years ago
webchat.git a xmpp webchat to be embedded into your website 11 years ago
estigi.git Estigi CMS 10 years ago
phlaker.git An Flaker API implementation in PHP No commits
spyc.git simple php yaml parser 11 years ago
phpCairo.git Object oriented Cairo bindings for PHP 12 years ago
drupal.git Drupal open source CMS using PHP 12 years ago
viewgit.git a git repository browser 7 years ago
miniqdb.git A minimalistic quote database 10 years ago
z3nb0x.git A simple media center written in PHP5. 12 years ago
aur.git Arch User-Community Repository (AUR) 5 months ago
wikipedia-parser-hphp.git compile the mediawiki parser as c++ with... JamesMikeDuPont... 10 years ago
simplicity.git The Simplicity PHP Framework is a lightweight... 10 years ago
iDB.git Internet Discussion Boards is a message board... kazuki.przyborowski... 5 months ago
vsc.git A small footprint PHP5 web framework 10 years ago
phpmyadmin-themes.git phpMyAdmin 9 years ago
specialops1.git Special Ops source code from the bad old... mikeonthecomputer... 15 years ago
specialops2.git Special Ops source code from the bad old... mikeonthecomputer... 11 years ago
mistral.git PHP webserver, using libev instead of SAPI 8 years ago
atbbs.git Simple, yet powerful Web BBS (MIT) nexisentertainment... 10 years ago
tip.git The I preprocessor 9 years ago
phpbb.git phpbb is a php-based BBS (buletin board system) 10 years ago
wmmkf.git a fork of mylittleforum version 1 7 years ago
watermeloncms.git Watermelon CMS 11 years ago
rockboxthemes.git Site for rockbox themes 11 years ago
smsapi-php.git SMS, MMS and Voice message sending service... No commits
papyrus.git Papyrus skin for PmWiki. 20 months ago
pmwiki-versioned-assets.git VersionedAssets recipe for PmWiki. Adds versi... 20 months ago
vector.git Vector skin for PmWiki. Clone of the Vector... 20 months ago
bazdig.git better sql console wirtten in php 12 years ago
Assignment-Trapper.git Web software for teaching students to program. 8 years ago
git-stats.git Git Statistics 11 years ago
ecomupi.git Sistema en linea para Eco Mupis 11 years ago