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Project Description Owner Last Change
phplua.git LUA for PHP is a PHP extension which allows... andreas.streichardt... 8 years ago
jr4.git The R4 programming language in Java 13 years ago
hull.git a unix shell in java No commits
jetstream.git lightweight server-side javascript with rhino 12 years ago
qscriptprofiler.git qscriptprofiler is a profiler for QtScript... 12 years ago
jnode-mirror.git JNode 11 years ago
facafesta.git 9 years ago
vimdoclet.git Java Doclet that generates Vim Helpfiles 11 years ago
squiggle.git Squiggle SQL builder for Java 11 years ago
jigdo-ivory.git Javascript Jigdo Client - Google Summer of... 12 years ago
paraphernalia.git Utility classes for Java programs 12 years ago
bnac.git bnac - a virtual museum suite 9 years ago
bnac-common.git Common files of the bnac project 9 years ago
bnac-editor.git Editor for the bnac project 9 years ago
bnac-visitor.git Visitor application for the bnac project 9 years ago
CallMeterNG.git call counting android app 10 years ago
adBlock.git android AdBlock Proxy 10 years ago
andGMXsms.git WebSMS for Android phones 10 years ago
remote/remote-gui.git Re-Mote GUI Client 12 years ago
remote/remote-ws.git Re-Mote Web Services 12 years ago
jamvm-avr32-jem.git Java Extension Module for JamVM on AVR32 11 years ago
routechat.git Free Chat without Server and Monitor 8 years ago
lineal.git Linear Algebra in CL, html/javascript UI 11 years ago
xmpp4js.git An XMPP / BOSH library written in Javascript 12 years ago
treibjagd.git An online card game. 12 years ago
ical4j.git icalendar library for java 10 years ago
ical-aggregator.git ICalendar aggregator 9 years ago
ical-validator.git validate icalendar data 6 years ago
Concurrency.git This project is meant to teach me about concu... 10 years ago
jython-java-sample.git A sample for Java and Jython integration. 12 years ago
smart-bookstore.git A sample project to demonstrate JAX-RS, Smart... 11 years ago
smart-dao.git A simple DAO API for most common CRUD operations 10 years ago
smart-util.git Utility tools for wide usage 10 years ago
smart-load-test.git A smart load test framework imyousuf@smartitengineeri... 11 years ago
jvstm.git JVSTM - Java Versioned Software Transactional... 6 years ago
mime4j.git Apache James mime4j 12 years ago
poi.git Apache POI 12 years ago
tika.git Apache Tika (incubating) 12 years ago
fedora-idea.git Patches for IntelliJ IDEA package in Fedora 10 years ago
codegen4j.git Code generation tool 11 years ago
ltwitter.git Twitter Desktop Client coded in Java lucky.developer... 10 years ago
jgroupdav.git Java GroupDAV library matt@mcbridematt... 10 years ago
simpleHTTP.git simple HTTP client to make simple things... 10 years ago
ChatApp.git Example Java Chat application 10 years ago
jdepend.git JDepend traverses Java class file directories... 12 years ago
applet-bots.git A simulation environment for 2D robots to... rasman1978@users... 13 years ago
MUMail.cvs.git MUMail is a Java applet designed to let you... 11 years ago
smsapi-java.git SMS, MMS and Voice message sending service... 6 weeks ago
reguloj.git Java lightweight business rule engine 2 months ago
harmony.git Apache Harmony - Open Source Java SE 11 years ago
DTRules.git Decision Table based Rules Engine 11 years ago
egit.git Eclipse Git Team Provider 10 years ago
egit/spearce.git Shawn's egit tree 10 years ago
jgit.git Java implementation of Git 10 years ago
git-stats.git Git Statistics 11 years ago
learning-gwt.git Some (eclipse) working GWT examples. 10 years ago
learning-java-upnp.git Playing with Java UPnP stuff for fun. 11 years ago
PersonaRL.git A roguelike based on the Shin Megami Tensei... 9 years ago
JOndra.git Ondra emulator written in Java No commits
gaixie.git Modular web applications based on OSGi 10 years ago
Bob.git Bob is an XML Data Binding tool. 'Bob' provid... 10 years ago
Bookkeeping.git 'Bookkeeping' provides a Shell and API for... 10 years ago
Spittoon.git Spittoon is an XML to XML:DB mapping tool... 10 years ago
xpath20.git An XPath 2.0 implementation in Java 11 years ago
worldwind-tracker.git Unofficial tracker of the NASA World Wind... worldwind.20.remleduff... 12 years ago
sqlgg.git SQL query parser and binding code generator... 2 hours ago