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Project Description Owner Last Change
parsecvs.git Parsecvs a@b.c.d 13 years ago
git-ftp.git Quick and dirty script for uploading git... 3 years ago
girocco.git The duct tape "Girocco" 2 months ago
girocco-gitweb.git The "Girocco" gitweb development... 12 months ago
wikiri.git A single-file wiki with git support albertito@blitiri... 13 years ago
learn_git.git a sample git repo to know git better 13 years ago
nbgit.git NetBeans Git Module 11 years ago
ngit.git Attempt to write new emacs mode for work... 13 years ago
gitosis/httpauth.git Authentication enhancements 13 years ago
git/aroben.git 14 years ago
git-show-merge-path.git git-show-merge-path can tell /if/, /how/... 11 years ago
libVNCServer-WinCE.git libVNCServer for WinCE No commits
git/bdonlan.git Misc git work 14 years ago
gitmagic.git A guide to using Git 17 months ago
vcscommand.git vcscommand VIM plugin for integration with... 9 years ago
ublog.git ublog, a minimal, distributed multiuser blogg... 10 years ago
learning_git.git 15 years ago
stgit.git Stacked Git official repository catalin.marinas... 8 months ago
castle.git Git import of castle svn 14 years ago
gitcj-debian.git Build upstream Git built as one single Debian... christian@jaeger... No commits
git/ruby-binding.git Ruby bindings for git 15 years ago
Git-Me-Secret-Mario-Chromicles.git This is just a gitified version of SMC.... 12 years ago
git-cola.git git-cola: A highly caffeinated git GUI 3 days ago
python-git.git python-git: a python interface to git 14 years ago
ugit.git ugit: the pythonic git gui 14 years ago
egit/egit-new.git newer egit repo 15 years ago
gitmagic/dustin.git Git Magic Documentation Updates 14 years ago
public-inbox.git an "archives first" approach to mailing lists 7 hours ago
ssoma.git some sort of mail archiver 3 years ago
phpgit.git PHP Git interface, a loose port of GitPython 14 years ago
cogito/jonas.git Jonas' Cogito patches 14 years ago
nbjgit.git NetBeans JGit Plugin (obsolete) 14 years ago
tig.git Text-mode interface for git 5 years ago
fast-export.git Programs to feed git-fast-import frej.drejhammar... 11 days ago
hgct.git (H)gct - A graphical commit tool for Git... 15 years ago
git-scripts.git Some scripts for Git repositories 7 years ago
git/mingw/4msysgit/peterh.git Peter Harris's patches for 4msysgit 14 years ago
alt-git.git Alternate source for your git.git needs 21 hours ago
git-htmldocs.git Pre-formatted HTML documentation for Git 5 days ago
git-manpages.git Pre-formatted manpages for Git 5 days ago
Widgit.git A git Porcelain in C# and C# git library. 15 years ago
Gitrdone.git A git Porcelain in C# and C# git library. 15 years ago
archives2git.git sh script to create a project's git history... 4 years ago portable sh script to reformat a Git log... 4 years ago
darcs2git.git import darcs using fast-import 13 years ago
gitstats.git git statistics generator 8 years ago
viewgit.git a git repository browser 9 years ago
git-modules-bs.git Some useful bash scripts to work with submodules 14 years ago
egit/imyousuf.git Work on a mevenized version of JGit imyousuf@smartitengineeri... 12 years ago
git-shortcuts.git Shortcut scripts for Git users (a bit of... 11 years ago
parsecvs/imz-RCS2git-use-cases.git Scripts to convert you RCS histories to Git... 13 years ago
git-darcs-import.git Yet another darcs to git importer 13 years ago
ikiwiki/intrigeri.git intrigeri's public branches for ikiwiki 11 years ago
socialgit.git Scripts to manage branching for a group of... 14 years ago
git/jr.git jr's git topic branches 14 years ago
git/mingw/j6t.git Extra changes on top of the MinGW port of git 6 years ago
git/builtin-gsoc.git scripts to builtin Google Summer of Code... 15 years ago
cryptdemo.git Automated encryption and decryption in Git... je@ne.regrette.rien 11 years ago
guilt.git Git Quilt 4 years ago
git/jnareb-git.git git with Jakub Narębski modifications 9 years ago
cvsps/4msysgit.git A fork to make cvsps work on msysGit johannes.schindelin... 14 years ago
git-browser/dscho.git Dscho's modifications to the git-browser johannes.schindelin... 13 years ago
git-cheetah.git A platform-independent filemanager plugin johannes.schindelin... 7 years ago
git-gui/git-gui-i18n.git Internationalization for git-gui johannes.schindelin... 11 years ago
git/dscho.git Dscho's miscellaneous git branches johannes.schindelin... 9 years ago
git/mingw/4msysgit.git The MinGW fork, forked for msysGit johannes.schindelin... 7 years ago
ikiwiki.git A wiki which has a git backend johannes.schindelin... 11 years ago
msysgit.git msysGit -- the development environment for... johannes.schindelin... 7 years ago
msysgit/historical-msysgit.git The early history of msysgit, preserved for... johannes.schindelin... 12 years ago
git_nutshell_guides.git Git in a Nutshell 14 years ago
anjuta-git-plugin.git Anjuta IDE Git Plugin Development Tree 14 years ago
git-meld-toys.git Some experiments integrating meld with git 13 years ago
stgit/kha.git kha's StGit tree 9 years ago
git/kirr.git kirr's git tree kirr@landau.phys... 8 years ago
navymail.git store and synchronize mail in git 7 years ago
git/kusma.git kusma's git playground 10 years ago
git/libgit-gsoc.git GIT Library Google Summer of Code project 15 years ago
git/packv4.git GIT packv4 implementation 15 years ago
git/gitweb-caching.git Gitweb caching 13 years ago
git2svn.git A tool to convert a git branch to svn ditto 10 years ago
kdevelopdvcssupport.git KDevelop DVCS support 13 years ago
TortoiseGit.git Windows Explorer Extension to Operate Git 10 days ago
git/gitster.git Mirror of Junio's Git repository with all... 21 hours ago
cgit.git web interface (cgi) for git repositories... 4 weeks ago
git-log-compact.git compact git log --oneline with who & when 22 months ago
sqlite-export.git Instructions for creating a git mirror of... 2 months ago
UnFlowedThunderbird/ThunderGit.git 13 years ago
git/mingw/storm.git Tracking branches for git.git, mingw.git... 14 years ago
gitrb.git git ruby bindings 15 years ago
giterdone.git Git & File-Browser integration 11 years ago
qgit4.git qgit ported to Qt4 12 years ago
cvs2svn.git Migrate CVS repositories to SVN or git or... 4 years ago
git/gitbuild.git Build collective (tags only) 12 years ago
wiggle.git Apply rejected patches and perform word-wise... 14 years ago
git/platforms.git Tracks individual repos dedicated to platform... 11 years ago
git/platforms/storm.git Mstormo's patches to Git 13 years ago
git-knacks.git A set of small git tools 15 years ago
giddy.git Git Pickaxe Frontend 13 years ago
git-homepage.git The Git homepage 11 years ago
git/gitweb.git Gitweb development nest 2 years ago
git/gitweb-warthdog9.git gitweb fork used by (by John ... 11 years ago
git/jbf-maint.git J. Bruce Fields' repository 14 years ago
topgit.git TopGit - A different patch queue manager 9 years ago
VCS-Git-Torrent.git GitTorrent Git SOC project 13 years ago
cogito.git Git Interface for Humans 15 years ago
git.git The Best VCS Around 21 hours ago
git-browser.git gitk-like web interface 20 months ago
git-dm.git Git Data Miner 2 months ago
git/repo.git's Git Installation (obsoleted) 13 years ago
gq.git hg mq for git 15 years ago
metastore.git Making git usable for backing up file attribu... 6 weeks ago
gitredmine.git Trunk version of redmine with Git backend... 14 years ago
git/gsoc2010-gitweb.git Gitweb fork for GSoC 2010 12 years ago
git/pclouds.git pclouds' git 11 years ago
GitX.git GitX 13 years ago
hg2git.git Mercurial frontent for git-fast-import 13 years ago
git/peff.git peff's git enhancements 14 years ago
GitHooks.git A repository of different hooks for use with... 14 years ago
azGit.git vbgunz personal learning repository 14 years ago
git-blog.git Ridiculously minimalist blogware - write... 14 years ago
official-gcc.git Mirror of the offical gcc git repository... 7 hours ago
git/mjg.git Michael J Gruber's git tree 2 days ago
oxy-cursors.git Oxygen cursors, gitweb mirror 14 years ago
figfs.git FUSE interface to Git (gitfs improved) 12 years ago
drupal_versioncontrol_git.git GIT Version Control API Module 14 years ago
git/sbeyer.git sbeyer's Git tree and git-sequencer development 13 years ago
git/git-svn.git Eric Wong's git-svn branch sam.vilain@catalyst... 15 months ago
giggle.git GTK+ git front-end 14 years ago
git/git-bigfiles.git Git for large files 13 years ago
rubygit.git Ruby Library for using Git 14 years ago
L-SMASH.git A simple tool for mp4. 3 years ago
git2cl.git Convert git logs to GNU ChangeLog format 14 years ago
git/git-p4.git git-p4 14 years ago
gc-utils.git Helpers scripts to interact between git and cvs 14 years ago
git-ftp-sync.git Hook script to synchronize www site with... 13 years ago
egit/spearce.git Shawn's egit tree 12 years ago
git-gui.git Tk based UI for Git 5 years ago
git/fastimport.git Git fast import (from Mozilla CVS conversion... 12 years ago
git/spearce.git Shawn's Git tree 13 years ago
jgit.git Java implementation of Git 12 years ago
libgit2.git The git library, take 2 11 years ago
yap.git Yet Another (Git) Porcelein 13 years ago
git-stats.git Git Statistics 13 years ago
svn-all-fast-export.git A tool that exports from Subverion onto multi... 13 years ago
git-plot.git Plotting for git 14 years ago
svn-merge2git.git Detect SVN merges from their commit messages... 14 years ago
svn-wrapper.git Wrapper/commit script for SVN and Git that... 14 years ago
tutorial.git presentation/tutorial for Git (LaTeX/beamer) 14 years ago
gitosis.git gitosis -- software for hosting git repositories 13 years ago
git/mergetool.git Git mergetool 15 years ago
vng.git new git UI 13 years ago
mplayer.git MPlayer development branch uoti.urpala@pp1... 22 months ago
progit-mk.git Macedonian Translation of ProGit book viktor.mladenovski... 12 years ago
git/vmiklos.git Miklos' Git tree to make git-merge a builtin. 12 years ago
git-walkthrough-commit.git git walkthrough wmorgan-git-walkthrough... 14 years ago
gitosis/gentoo.git Misc patches from gentoo 12 years ago
stgit/ydirson.git Yann's pending stgit patches 15 years ago
rubydium.git no longer kept here, @ github now 14 years ago
girocco/ztw.git cleanup, watchpoints, and more 12 years ago