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bwmon.git Application-level bandwidth monitor 7 years ago
feedhandler.git Feed Handler for the Maemo Browser 10 years ago
headphoned.git Headphone Daemon for Maemo 10 years ago
maemopadplus.git Tree-based notes, sketches and checklists... 9 years ago
maepad.git MaePad - A node-based memory pad for Maemo 9 years ago
maepadweb.git Web Server / Web Interface for MaePad databas... 9 years ago
minidb.git A simple SQLite3 store for Python objects 7 years ago
mygpoclient.git API Reference Client Implementation 4 months ago
numtypysics.git Multi-touch Multi-player enhancements to... 11 years ago
panucci.git An audiobook and podcast player 9 years ago
raemote.git RaeMote - Apple Remote for the N900 10 years ago
smpy-maemo.git Maemoified smpy 12 years ago
tennix.git Multiplayer SDL tennis game 4 months ago
trophae.git PS3 Trophy Viewer for Maemo 9 years ago
urlwatch.git A tool for monitoring webpages for updates 5 years ago