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Project Description Owner Last Change
dos-tasm-exercises.git 8086/80286: Simple examples of programming... 10 years ago
nasm-cyr.git mostly trivial changes for nasm 8 years ago
nasm.git The Netwide Assembler 18 hours ago
cl-x86-asm.git X86 Assembler written in Common Lisp 11 years ago
m68k-assembler.git A simple, mostly-DevPAC-compatible assembler... 13 years ago
st-linker.git A very simple linker to use with m68k-assembl... 13 years ago
ymamoto.git A replay routine for the Atari ST, using... 13 years ago
xorcyst.git 6502 assembler 9 years ago
idi.git IDA-like Interactive Disassembler 11 years ago
quarnos.git Experimental portable microkernel 10 years ago
pwnd.git Just another OS 8 years ago paq8px for Visual Studio 10 years ago