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Project Description Owner Last Change
0compile.git create a binary release from source code 5 years ago
0export.git create self-installing bundles for distributi... 6 years ago
0mirror.git create a mirror of other Zero Install sites 6 years ago
0publish-gui.git GTK editor for Zero Install feeds 6 months ago
0publish.git utility for processing Zero Install feeds 4 years ago
0release.git manage new releases with Zero Install 4 years ago
0share.git peer-to-peer sharing of Zero Install packages 11 years ago
0test.git Matrix testing for Zero Install programs 4 months ago
AddApp.git create ROX application launchers for Zero... 6 years ago
deb2zero.git create Zero Install feeds from Debian packages 8 years ago
FeedLint.git check your Zero Install feeds 4 years ago
make-headers.git creates relocatable -dev packages for Zero... 9 years ago
rox-find.git A Find Utility for the ROX Desktop 13 years ago
Zero2Desktop.git Freedesktop integration for Zero Install 12 years ago
zeroinstall.git MOVED TO GITHUB: 7 years ago