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Project Description Owner Last Change
anomen-overlay.git anomen's personal gentoo overlay 5 years ago
dbus-free.git *entoo overlay for optional dbus 12 days ago
dottout.git Dottout overlay 10 years ago
ebuildfind.git gentoo overlays search engine amirouche.boubekki... 11 years ago
flussence-overlay.git Gentoo ebuild antique shop flussence+repo.or... 5 hours ago
gentoo-diskmaster-overlay.git Diskmaster's overlay for gentoo. 12 years ago
gentoo-interactive-fiction.git Gentoo ebuilds for players and authors of... 13 months ago
gentoo-soor-overlay.git Gentoo ebuild overlay with misc stuff that... 12 years ago
kdeapps-overlay.git Gentoo Overlay for KDE Apps bramschoenmakers... 13 years ago
marcv-overlay.git marcv's personal gentoo overlay with fixes... mrc_timer@users... 3 months ago
mikesnafu-overlay.git mah project overlay 12 years ago
mimi_vx_overlay.git Gentoo overlay of Mimi.vx 6 years ago
moonrise.git Bleeding edge, experimental overlay for Gentoo. 5 years ago
mpd.git Live Ebuilds for MusicPD related applications 8 years ago
openchrome.git Unofficial Gentoo overlay for openChrome... 13 years ago
otih-overlay.git otih's personal gentoo overlay 10 years ago
PupinuxGentooOverlay.git Personal Gentoo overlay with various ebuilds 11 years ago
restas-lisp-overlay.git restat-lisp overlay 11 years ago
revdep-rebuild-reimplementation.git a reimplementation of revdep-rebuild 12 years ago
sunrise-ng.git Project Sunrise provides a gentoo user overla... 12 years ago
ule.git This script checks your live ebuilds for... 10 years ago
underlay.git Pesa's Gentoo Overlay 10 years ago