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Project Description Owner Last Change
evolution.git evolution mirror 2 years ago
glib.git glib mirror 2 years ago
dconf.git dconf mirror 2 years ago
cheese.git cheese 2 years ago
anjuta-extras.git anjuta-extras 2 years ago
gnumeric.git gnumeric mirror 2 years ago
vala-gnome.git Gnome vala 2 years ago
pygobject.git pygobject mirror 2 years ago
jhbuild.git Jhbuild 2 years ago
yelp.git yelp mirror 2 years ago
atk.git atk mirror 2 years ago
brasero.git brasero mirror 2 years ago
dasher.git dasher mirror 2 years ago
gtk-doc.git 2 years ago
anjuta.git anjuta mirror 2 years ago
empathy-mirror.git empathy mirror 2 years ago
banshee.git banshee mirror 3 years ago
alacarte.git alacarte mirror 3 years ago
nautilus-actions.git nautilus-actions mirror 4 years ago
bug-buddy.git bug-buddy mirror 4 years ago
gmpc.git GMPC's repository 5 years ago
libmpd.git A C library for accessing mpd, used in gmpc. 6 years ago
girtod.git GTK Bindings for the D programming language 7 years ago
gmpc-libnotify.git Song change notifier using libnotify, a gener... 8 years ago
blorb-thumbnailer.git GNOME thumbnailer for Blorb files 9 years ago
gnome-utils.git gnome-utils mirror 9 years ago
dictix.git A re-writen gnome-sound-recorder 9 years ago
gmpc-magnatune.git The plugin allows you to browse, and preview... 9 years ago
gmpc-jamendo.git Jamendo plugin for gmpc 9 years ago
xournal.git Notetaking, sketching application for GTK... 9 years ago
gmpc-wikipedia.git A GMPC plugin to fetch the wikipedia informat... 9 years ago
gmpc-lyricwiki.git Lyricwiki plugin for gmpc 9 years ago
gmpc-lyrics.git This plugin fetches lyrics from the internet... 9 years ago
gmpc-awn.git 9 years ago
gmpc-avahi.git A GMPC plugin to find MPD servers and automat... 9 years ago
gmpc-alarm.git A GMPC plugin for alarm timer action. 9 years ago
gmpc-extraplaylist.git A GMPC plugin to expand a second window to... 10 years ago
gmpc-lirc.git This is a LIRC plugin for GMPC 10 years ago
gmpc-shout.git This plugin will automatically plug your... 11 years ago
gmpc-playlistsort.git A GMPC plugin to sort the playlist in various... 11 years ago
gmpc-mserver.git This plugin allows seamless file transfers... 11 years ago
gmpc-mdcover.git A GMPC plugin that fetches cover art, artist... 11 years ago he plugin can fetch artist images... 11 years ago
gmpc-coveramazon.git This plugin fetches cover art, and album... 11 years ago
tomfox.git Create Tomboy notes within Firefox 11 years ago
gmpc-favorites.git A GMPC brower plugin to show your favorite... 12 years ago
gssmp.git Gnome Simple Stateful Music Player andybalaam@artificialworl... 12 years ago
gmpc-qosd.git A on-screen-display written to look nicer... 12 years ago
gmpc-osd.git This plugin provides an on-screen-display... 12 years ago
gmpc-serverstats.git This plugin shows graphical detailed informat... 12 years ago
gmpc-stopbutton.git This plugin adds a stop button to the control... 12 years ago
gmpc-random-playlist.git A GMPC plugin to create a random playlist... 12 years ago
gmpc-mdcover2.git A GMPC plugin that fetches cover art, artist... 12 years ago
gmpc-autoplaylist.git A GMPC plugin to generate playlists based... 12 years ago
cl-notify.git Common lisp bindings for libnotify 12 years ago
undertow.git Media aggregator for GNOME 12 years ago
anjuta-git-plugin.git Anjuta IDE Git Plugin Development Tree 12 years ago
nova.git Gnome Ephemeris 12 years ago
trivial-gtk.git Simple GTK binding generator for Common Lisp 12 years ago
gst-scaletempo-demo-rj.git Demo of Scaletempo for GStreamer rovjuvano@users... 13 years ago
gst-scaletempo-rj.git Scaletempo for GStreamer rovjuvano@users... 13 years ago
tivo4tiny.git Gnome app that fetches & converts shows from... billycub@users.sourceforg... 13 years ago
nautilus.git Nautilus File Manager (svn mirror) 13 years ago
gst-davinci.git Gstreamer plugins for TI DaVinci 13 years ago
rhythmbox.git GNOME music player 13 years ago
gst-pulse.git GStreamer PulseAudio plugin (svn mirror) 13 years ago
jackfield.git Desktop Widget engine for the GNOME desktop 13 years ago
ephy-soc.git GNOME Epiphany SoC Project 13 years ago
squawker.git A client written in C++/Qt4,... 14 years ago