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Project Description Owner Last Change
gmpc-dynamic-playlist.git Search for similar song/artist/genre in gmpc 6 years ago
gmpc-alarm.git A GMPC plugin for alarm timer action. 8 years ago
gmpc-autoplaylist.git A GMPC plugin to generate playlists based... 11 years ago
gmpc-avahi.git A GMPC plugin to find MPD servers and automat... 8 years ago
gmpc-awn.git 8 years ago
gmpc-coveramazon.git This plugin fetches cover art, and album... 10 years ago
gmpc-extraplaylist.git A GMPC plugin to expand a second window to... 9 years ago
gmpc-favorites.git A GMPC brower plugin to show your favorite... 11 years ago he plugin can fetch artist images... 10 years ago
gmpc-libnotify.git Song change notifier using libnotify, a gener... 7 years ago
gmpc-lirc.git This is a LIRC plugin for GMPC 9 years ago
gmpc-lyrics.git This plugin fetches lyrics from the internet... 8 years ago
gmpc-magnatune.git The plugin allows you to browse, and preview... 8 years ago
gmpc-mdcover.git A GMPC plugin that fetches cover art, artist... 10 years ago
gmpc-mdcover2.git A GMPC plugin that fetches cover art, artist... 11 years ago
gmpc-mserver.git This plugin allows seamless file transfers... 10 years ago
gmpc-osd.git This plugin provides an on-screen-display... 11 years ago
gmpc-playlistsort.git A GMPC plugin to sort the playlist in various... 10 years ago
gmpc-qosd.git A on-screen-display written to look nicer... 11 years ago
gmpc-random-playlist.git A GMPC plugin to create a random playlist... 11 years ago
gmpc-serverstats.git This plugin shows graphical detailed informat... 11 years ago
gmpc-shout.git This plugin will automatically plug your... 10 years ago
gmpc-stopbutton.git This plugin adds a stop button to the control... 11 years ago
gmpc-wikipedia.git A GMPC plugin to fetch the wikipedia informat... 8 years ago
mpd-hacks.git A collection of scripts and hacks for use... 11 years ago
qball-mpd.git An enhanced branch of MPD 12 years ago
state-utils.git state-utils client(s) for MPD 10 years ago
libmpd-haskell.git An MPD client library for Haskell. bsinclai@turing... 12 years ago
libmpd_haskell.git MPD client library for Haskell bsinclai@turing... 12 years ago
ncmpcpp.git an ncurses mpd client inspired by ncmpc electricityispower... 2 years ago
scrobby.git an audioscrobbler mpd client electricityispower... 11 years ago
audio-mpd.git Audio::MPD - class to talk to MPD (Music... 10 years ago
audio-mpd-common.git Audio::MPD::Common - bunch of common helper... 10 years ago
poe-component-client-mpd.git POE::Component::Client::MPD - a full-blown... 10 years ago
libmpdclient.git 2 years ago
mpd-mk.git Music Player Daemon (mirror) No commits
mpd.git Live Ebuilds for MusicPD related applications 7 years ago
gmpc-lyricwiki.git Lyricwiki plugin for gmpc 8 years ago
gmpc.git GMPC's repository 4 years ago
gmpc-albumview.git A gmpc plugin that shows all albums in one... 8 years ago
gmpc-jamendo.git Jamendo plugin for gmpc 8 years ago
gmpc-lastfmradio.git Allows gmpc+mpd to play radio 11 years ago
gmpc-lyrdb.git plugin for gmpc 10 years ago
gmpc-lyricsplugin.git lyrics provider for gmpc 10 years ago
gmpc-plugins.git GMPC Plugin metapackage 8 years ago
gmpc-tagedit.git 8 years ago
libmpd.git A C library for accessing mpd, used in gmpc. 5 years ago
mpd-mirror.git Music Player Daemon (mirror) 2 years ago
montypc.git An MPD client using PyQt4 No commits
nephilim.git A PyQt4 client for MPD. 9 years ago