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Project Description Owner Last Change
anime_rename.git A script to rename arbitrary files (intended... 12 years ago
blocksshd_00z.git blocksshd_00z branch. 12 years ago
reportero_perl.git THIS CODE HAS BEEN MOVED TO http://repo.or... 12 years ago
tarificador.git A script to push a .csv into a mysql database. 12 years ago
srtscroll.git A program to change the id and timestamps... 11 years ago
girocco.git The duct tape "Girocco" 6 weeks ago
test-reporter.git Reports the test results of Perl distribution... 13 years ago
AnyEvent-HTTPD.git AnyEvent::HTTPD perl module - my patches 11 years ago
acme-study-perl.git perl module/testing andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 12 years ago
andk-cpan-tools.git Half baked stuff for my everyday cpan hacking andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 6 weeks ago
cpan-testers-parsereport.git CPAN-Testers-ParseReport andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 2 years ago
rersyncrecent.git File-Rsync-Mirror-Recentfile andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 10 months ago
gruta.git Gruta, a web content management system in... 9 years ago
ublog.git ublog, a minimal, distributed multiuser blogg... 9 years ago
torrus-plus.git This is my personal fork of Torrus 9 years ago
wit.git WIT (Wit Internet Teletype) 11 years ago
yasql.git Yet another SQLPlus Replacement 5 years ago
Net-Amazon-S3-Policy.git module to handle Amazon S3 policies for HTTP... 7 years ago
deployable.git Tools for creating deployable scripts/programs 3 years ago
s3.git A command line client towards the Amazon... 12 years ago
LibTracker-Client-Perl.git Perl interface to libtrackerclient 13 years ago
gtdo.git A commandline GTD system 13 years ago
restaurants.git Simple script to randomly pick a place to... 12 years ago
blosxom-plugins.git Plugins for the Blosxom Blog Script 13 years ago
cdimgtools.git tools to inspect and manipulate CD/DVD optica... 3 years ago
gpy.git A mediawiki feed and wikilinker bot for Wikinews 8 years ago
ppolls.git a polls website powered by the Dancer Perl... 8 years ago
slists.git Website to manage and print shopping lists 8 years ago
Config-Perl-V.git Structured data retreival of perl -V output 6 years ago
Nagios-Plugin.git Nagios::Plugin perl module holger@zedat.fu... 3 years ago
monitoring-plugin-perl.git Monitoring::Plugin holger@zedat.fu... 2 months ago
irssi-scripts.git User-submitted and -reviewed scripts 12 years ago
Math-GSL.git Perl interface to the GNU Scientific Library... 10 years ago
thrasher.git Thrasher - libpurple-based XMPP Transport 10 years ago
acme-metasyntactic-buzzwords.git Acme::MetaSyntactic::buzzwords - Pointy-haire... 13 years ago
acme-tie-eleet.git Acme::Tie::Eleet - Perl extension to 5pE4k... 13 years ago
audio-mpd.git Audio::MPD - class to talk to MPD (Music... 11 years ago
audio-mpd-common.git Audio::MPD::Common - bunch of common helper... 11 years ago
cpanplus-dist-mdv.git CPANPLUS::Dist::Mdv - easy rpm creation for... No commits
geo-icao.git Geo::ICAO - Perl module for ICAO airport... No commits
inline-befunge.git Inline::Befunge - write Perl subs in Befunge 13 years ago
language-befunge.git Language::Befunge - a Befunge-98 interpreter 10 years ago
language-befunge-debugger.git Language::Befunge::Debugger - a graphical... 11 years ago
language-befunge-vector-xs.git Language::Befunge::Vector::XS - an opaque... 10 years ago
language-ook.git Language::Ook - an Ook! interpreter 13 years ago
poe-component-client-mpd.git POE::Component::Client::MPD - a full-blown... 11 years ago
time-fuzzy.git Time::Fuzzy - Time read like a human, with... 13 years ago
tk-rotatinggauge.git Tk::RotatingGauge - a rotating gauge for Tk No commits
clive-utils.git Misc. utils for clive 11 years ago
git/gitweb-caching.git Gitweb caching 12 years ago
TAP-Harness-JUnit.git Generate JUnit compatible output from TAP... 11 years ago
markdown.git Markdown text-to-HTML conversion tool 5 weeks ago
DataExtract-FixedWidth.git DataExtract::FixedWidth 12 years ago
Pqsl-Perl.git perl modules to enhance psql 13 years ago
Net-DNS-DomainController-Discovery.git Discover Microsoft Active Directory domain... 12 months ago
CGI-Application-Plugin-RunmodeDeclare.git Declare runmodes with keywords 12 years ago
Method-Signatures-Simple.git Basic method declarations with signatures... 12 years ago
myPerl.git A College Assignment (Compiler Construction) rodrigoswanderley... 13 years ago
sab-musictools.git Privat tools for managing my music collection 12 years ago
sepia.git Simple Emacs Perl InterAction 8 years ago
simpleburner.git To make Your burning CD/DVD's easier 10 years ago
libwww-perl-eserte.git libwww-perl clone 12 years ago
wnstats.git Site for statistics about wikinews publishing... svetlana@members... 8 years ago
monikop.git Monikop provides an automated means for data... 11 years ago
nonametv.git TV Listings framework 9 years ago Multilingual blog written in Catalyst 12 years ago
parrot.git parrot vm git mirror 10 years ago
Image2SGF.git Patches to the Image2SGF image-recognition... 12 years ago
girocco/ztw.git cleanup, watchpoints, and more 11 years ago