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Project Description Owner Last Change
riscose.git 13 months ago
newos.git A new operating system 11 years ago
ti-x.git a tiny embed operation system 11 years ago
apeos.git apeos is a project with goal of providing... 2 years ago
bmbb.git BlackBox Component Builder ported to bare... 8 months ago
illumos-gate.git Community developed and maintained version... 10 hours ago
comos.git ComOS - The Community Operating System! 12 years ago
xinos.git Developing own operating system No commits
marionette.git Experimental kernel 12 years ago
quarnos.git Experimental portable microkernel 11 years ago
hvf.git HVF operating system (git mirror) 21 months ago
jnode-mirror.git JNode 11 years ago
pwnd.git Just another OS 10 years ago
ZeXOS.git Operating System 10 years ago
mit-so-course.git The JOS operating system 13 years ago