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Project Description Owner Last Change
rox-filer/dt.git 13 years ago
rox-filer/lack.git 13 years ago
rox-filer/ma.git 13 years ago
rox-lithium.git A Battery status monitor for the ROX Desktop 14 years ago
rox-ripper.git A CD Ripper for the ROX Desktop 14 years ago
rox-find.git A Find Utility for the ROX Desktop 14 years ago
rox-menu.git A Menu for the ROX Desktop 14 years ago
rox-musicbox.git A Music player for the ROX Desktop 14 years ago
rox-volume.git A Volume Control and Mixer for the ROX Desktop 12 years ago
rox-postal.git An Email Check Applet for the ROX Desktop 13 years ago
rox-archive.git create or read archive files 8 years ago
AddApp.git create ROX application launchers for Zero... 7 years ago
rox-filer.git Filer for the ROX desktop 6 years ago
rox-filer/translations.git For translators 11 years ago
rox-shell.git graphical shell 12 years ago
rox-lib.git library for ROX applications 11 years ago
AutoStart.git Manage XDG AutoStart entries for ROX-Session 13 years ago
XDGStart.git Manage XDG AutoStart entries, especially... 13 years ago
reinteract/rox.git modified version for ROX 13 years ago
ZeXOS.git Operating System 10 years ago
memo.git ROX memo applet 12 years ago
SysBars.git ROX panel applet to display system information 11 years ago
rox-edit.git ROX Text Editor 8 years ago