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Project Description Owner Last Change
tinycc.git Tiny C Compiler main repository 2 days ago
mu.git Soul of a tiny new machine. Track side effect... 4 months ago
neatlibc.git A small ARM/x86(_64) libc 8 months ago
bmbb.git BlackBox Component Builder ported to bare... 23 months ago
neatcc.git A small ARM/x86(_64) C compiler 2 years ago
cpc.git A command line Component Pascal compiler... 2 years ago
nasm.git The Netwide Assembler 2 years ago
ld.git A simple ARM/x86(_64) static linker 4 years ago
jpcrr.git JPC-RR: Rerecording version of JPC X86 emulator ilari.liusvaara... 6 years ago