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Project Description Owner Last Change
0compile.git create a binary release from source code 2 years ago
0export.git create self-installing bundles for distributi... 3 years ago
0mirror.git create a mirror of other Zero Install sites 4 years ago
0publish-gui.git GTK editor for Zero Install feeds 18 months ago
0publish.git utility for processing Zero Install feeds 22 months ago
0release.git manage new releases with Zero Install 21 months ago
0share.git peer-to-peer sharing of Zero Install packages 8 years ago
0test.git Matrix testing for Zero Install programs 4 years ago
AddApp.git create ROX application launchers for Zero... 3 years ago
deb2zero.git create Zero Install feeds from Debian packages 5 years ago
FeedLint.git check your Zero Install feeds 22 months ago
make-headers.git creates relocatable -dev packages for Zero... 6 years ago
rox-find.git A Find Utility for the ROX Desktop 10 years ago
Zero2Desktop.git Freedesktop integration for Zero Install 9 years ago
zeroinstall.git MOVED TO GITHUB: 4 years ago