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lisp-parkour.git A Lua library for structured editing of Lisp... in.the@repo 43 hours ago
geiser.git Emacs and Scheme talk to each other 2 months ago
escm.git exa scheme 12 years ago
xscheme.git Fork of David Betz’s XScheme project 8 years ago
geda-gaf.git geda-gaf git mirror 3 weeks ago
Klink.git Interpreter for the Kernel programming language 10 years ago
hammerdown.git OpenGL & SDL programming 9 years ago
geda-gaf/peter-b.git Peter Brett's gEDA tree 9 years ago
lispengine.git PicoScheme is a 'drop-in' scripting engine... 8 years ago
bugg-scheme-compiler.git Scheme Compiler itamar.benzaken... 12 years ago