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Project Description Owner Last Change
git/aroben.git 13 years ago
git/gitbuild.git Build collective (tags only) 11 years ago
git/dscho.git Dscho's miscellaneous git branches johannes.schindelin... 8 years ago
git/git-svn.git Eric Wong's git-svn branch sam.vilain@catalyst... 20 months ago
git/mingw/j6t.git Extra changes on top of the MinGW port of git 5 years ago
git/fastimport.git Git fast import (from Mozilla CVS conversion... 11 years ago
git/git-bigfiles.git Git for large files 12 years ago
git/libgit-gsoc.git GIT Library Google Summer of Code project 13 years ago
git/mergetool.git Git mergetool 13 years ago
git/packv4.git GIT packv4 implementation 13 years ago
git/jnareb-git.git git with Jakub Narębski modifications 8 years ago
git/git-p4.git git-p4 12 years ago
git/gitweb-caching.git Gitweb caching 12 years ago
git/gitweb.git Gitweb development nest 14 months ago
git/gsoc2010-gitweb.git Gitweb fork for GSoC 2010 10 years ago
git/gitweb-warthdog9.git gitweb fork used by (by John ... 10 years ago
git/jbf-maint.git J. Bruce Fields' repository 13 years ago
git/jr.git jr's git topic branches 13 years ago
git/kirr.git kirr's git tree kirr@landau.phys... 7 years ago
git/kusma.git kusma's git playground 9 years ago
git/mjg.git Michael J Gruber's git tree 4 days ago
git/vmiklos.git Miklos' Git tree to make git-merge a builtin. 11 years ago
git/gitster.git Mirror of Junio's Git repository with all... 2 days ago
git/bdonlan.git Misc git work 13 years ago
git/platforms/storm.git Mstormo's patches to Git 11 years ago
git/pclouds.git pclouds' git 10 years ago
git/peff.git peff's git enhancements 13 years ago
git/mingw/4msysgit/peterh.git Peter Harris's patches for 4msysgit 12 years ago
git/repo.git's Git Installation (obsoleted) 12 years ago
git/ruby-binding.git Ruby bindings for git 14 years ago
git/sbeyer.git sbeyer's Git tree and git-sequencer development 11 years ago
git/builtin-gsoc.git scripts to builtin Google Summer of Code... 13 years ago
git/spearce.git Shawn's Git tree 11 years ago
git/mingw/4msysgit.git The MinGW fork, forked for msysGit johannes.schindelin... 5 years ago
git/mingw/storm.git Tracking branches for git.git, mingw.git... 13 years ago
git/platforms.git Tracks individual repos dedicated to platform... 10 years ago