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descriptionDscho's miscellaneous git branches
last changeWed, 28 Nov 2012 14:49:43 +0000 (28 15:49 +0100)
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These branches are Dscho's personal playground. All branches are bound to be rebased or deleted at any given time.

A few branches are independent branches, such as my blog

2012-11-28 GrahackFrench translation: copy -> copie.master
2012-10-23 Pat Thoytswincred: add install target and avoid overwriting confi...
2012-10-22 Pat Thoytst1306: perform file comparisons using text mode for...
2012-10-22 Johannes Schindelingit stash: make sure that .git/logs/refs/ exists
2012-10-22 Sebastian Schuberthgitk: Use an external icon file on Windows
2012-10-22 Pat Thoytsgit-subtree: add the generated script to the ignore...
2012-10-22 Heiko Voigthelp: correct behavior for is_executable on Windows
2012-10-22 Erik Faye-Lundcompat/terminal: header-fixup
2012-10-22 Erik Faye-Lundcompat/terminal: support echoing on windows
2012-10-22 Pat ThoytsSet the default help format to html for msys builds.
2012-10-22 Adam RobenMake non-.exe externals work again
2012-10-22 Pat ThoytsEnsure the resource file is rebuilt when the version...
2012-10-22 Johannes SchindelinWindows resource: handle dashes in the Git version...
2012-10-22 Pat ThoytsProvide a Windows version resource for the git executables.
2012-10-22 theoleblondSleep 1 millisecond in poll() to avoid busy wait
2012-10-22 Johannes SchindelinWork around a problem identified by BuildHive
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