core.hidedotfiles: hide '.git' dir by default
[git/dscho.git] / t /
1 #!/bin/sh
3 # Copyright (c) 2005 Jon Seymour
6 test_description='Tests git rev-list --topo-order functionality'
8 . ./
9 . "$TEST_DIRECTORY"/ # t6xxx specific functions
11 list_duplicates()
13 "$@" | sort | uniq -d
16 date >path0
17 git update-index --add path0
18 save_tag tree git write-tree
19 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:00" hide_error save_tag root unique_commit root tree
20 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:01" save_tag l0 unique_commit l0 tree -p root
21 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:02" save_tag l1 unique_commit l1 tree -p l0
22 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:03" save_tag l2 unique_commit l2 tree -p l1
23 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:04" save_tag a0 unique_commit a0 tree -p l2
24 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:05" save_tag a1 unique_commit a1 tree -p a0
25 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:06" save_tag b1 unique_commit b1 tree -p a0
26 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:07" save_tag c1 unique_commit c1 tree -p b1
27 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:08" as_author save_tag b2 unique_commit b2 tree -p b1
28 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:09" save_tag b3 unique_commit b3 tree -p b2
29 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:10" save_tag c2 unique_commit c2 tree -p c1 -p b2
30 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:11" save_tag c3 unique_commit c3 tree -p c2
31 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:12" save_tag a2 unique_commit a2 tree -p a1
32 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:13" save_tag a3 unique_commit a3 tree -p a2
33 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:14" save_tag b4 unique_commit b4 tree -p b3 -p a3
34 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:15" save_tag a4 unique_commit a4 tree -p a3 -p b4 -p c3
35 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:16" save_tag l3 unique_commit l3 tree -p a4
36 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:17" save_tag l4 unique_commit l4 tree -p l3
37 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:18" save_tag l5 unique_commit l5 tree -p l4
38 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:19" save_tag m1 unique_commit m1 tree -p a4 -p c3
39 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:20" save_tag m2 unique_commit m2 tree -p c3 -p a4
40 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:21" hide_error save_tag alt_root unique_commit alt_root tree
41 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:22" save_tag r0 unique_commit r0 tree -p alt_root
42 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:23" save_tag r1 unique_commit r1 tree -p r0
43 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:24" save_tag l5r1 unique_commit l5r1 tree -p l5 -p r1
44 on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:25" save_tag r1l5 unique_commit r1l5 tree -p r1 -p l5
48 # note: as of 20/6, it isn't possible to create duplicate parents, so this
49 # can't be tested.
51 #on_committer_date "1971-08-16 00:00:20" save_tag m3 unique_commit m3 tree -p c3 -p a4 -p c3
52 hide_error save_tag e1 as_author unique_commit e1 tree
53 save_tag e2 as_author unique_commit e2 tree -p e1
54 save_tag f1 as_author unique_commit f1 tree -p e1
55 save_tag e3 as_author unique_commit e3 tree -p e2
56 save_tag f2 as_author unique_commit f2 tree -p f1
57 save_tag e4 as_author unique_commit e4 tree -p e3 -p f2
58 save_tag e5 as_author unique_commit e5 tree -p e4
59 save_tag f3 as_author unique_commit f3 tree -p f2
60 save_tag f4 as_author unique_commit f4 tree -p f3
61 save_tag e6 as_author unique_commit e6 tree -p e5 -p f4
62 save_tag f5 as_author unique_commit f5 tree -p f4
63 save_tag f6 as_author unique_commit f6 tree -p f5 -p e6
64 save_tag e7 as_author unique_commit e7 tree -p e6
65 save_tag e8 as_author unique_commit e8 tree -p e7
66 save_tag e9 as_author unique_commit e9 tree -p e8
67 save_tag f7 as_author unique_commit f7 tree -p f6
68 save_tag f8 as_author unique_commit f8 tree -p f7
69 save_tag f9 as_author unique_commit f9 tree -p f8
70 save_tag e10 as_author unique_commit e1 tree -p e9 -p f8
72 hide_error save_tag g0 unique_commit g0 tree
73 save_tag g1 unique_commit g1 tree -p g0
74 save_tag h1 unique_commit g2 tree -p g0
75 save_tag g2 unique_commit g3 tree -p g1 -p h1
76 save_tag h2 unique_commit g4 tree -p g2
77 save_tag g3 unique_commit g5 tree -p g2
78 save_tag g4 unique_commit g6 tree -p g3 -p h2
80 git update-ref HEAD $(tag l5)
82 test_output_expect_success 'rev-list has correct number of entries' 'git rev-list HEAD | wc -l | tr -d \" \"' <<EOF
84 EOF
86 test_output_expect_success 'simple topo order' 'git rev-list --topo-order HEAD' <<EOF
105 root
108 test_output_expect_success 'two diamonds topo order (g6)' 'git rev-list --topo-order g4' <<EOF
118 test_output_expect_success 'multiple heads' 'git rev-list --topo-order a3 b3 c3' <<EOF
132 root
135 test_output_expect_success 'multiple heads, prune at a1' 'git rev-list --topo-order a3 b3 c3 ^a1' <<EOF
146 test_output_expect_success 'multiple heads, prune at l1' 'git rev-list --topo-order a3 b3 c3 ^l1' <<EOF
160 test_output_expect_success 'cross-epoch, head at l5, prune at l1' 'git rev-list --topo-order l5 ^l1' <<EOF
179 test_output_expect_success 'duplicated head arguments' 'git rev-list --topo-order l5 l5 ^l1' <<EOF
198 test_output_expect_success 'prune near topo' 'git rev-list --topo-order a4 ^c3' <<EOF
207 test_output_expect_success "head has no parent" 'git rev-list --topo-order root' <<EOF
208 root
211 test_output_expect_success "two nodes - one head, one base" 'git rev-list --topo-order l0' <<EOF
213 root
216 test_output_expect_success "three nodes one head, one internal, one base" 'git rev-list --topo-order l1' <<EOF
219 root
222 test_output_expect_success "linear prune l2 ^root" 'git rev-list --topo-order l2 ^root' <<EOF
228 test_output_expect_success "linear prune l2 ^l0" 'git rev-list --topo-order l2 ^l0' <<EOF
233 test_output_expect_success "linear prune l2 ^l1" 'git rev-list --topo-order l2 ^l1' <<EOF
237 test_output_expect_success "linear prune l5 ^a4" 'git rev-list --topo-order l5 ^a4' <<EOF
243 test_output_expect_success "linear prune l5 ^l3" 'git rev-list --topo-order l5 ^l3' <<EOF
248 test_output_expect_success "linear prune l5 ^l4" 'git rev-list --topo-order l5 ^l4' <<EOF
252 test_output_expect_success "max-count 10 - topo order" 'git rev-list --topo-order --max-count=10 l5' <<EOF
265 test_output_expect_success "max-count 10 - non topo order" 'git rev-list --max-count=10 l5' <<EOF
278 test_output_expect_success '--max-age=c3, no --topo-order' "git rev-list --max-age=$(commit_date c3) l5" <<EOF
290 # this test fails on --topo-order - a fix is required
292 #test_output_expect_success '--max-age=c3, --topo-order' "git rev-list --topo-order --max-age=$(commit_date c3) l5" <<EOF
301 #EOF
303 test_output_expect_success 'one specified head reachable from another a4, c3, --topo-order' "list_duplicates git rev-list --topo-order a4 c3" <<EOF
306 test_output_expect_success 'one specified head reachable from another c3, a4, --topo-order' "list_duplicates git rev-list --topo-order c3 a4" <<EOF
309 test_output_expect_success 'one specified head reachable from another a4, c3, no --topo-order' "list_duplicates git rev-list a4 c3" <<EOF
312 test_output_expect_success 'one specified head reachable from another c3, a4, no --topo-order' "list_duplicates git rev-list c3 a4" <<EOF
315 test_output_expect_success 'graph with c3 and a4 parents of head' "list_duplicates git rev-list m1" <<EOF
318 test_output_expect_success 'graph with a4 and c3 parents of head' "list_duplicates git rev-list m2" <<EOF
321 test_expect_success "head ^head --topo-order" 'git rev-list --topo-order a3 ^a3' <<EOF
324 test_expect_success "head ^head no --topo-order" 'git rev-list a3 ^a3' <<EOF
327 test_output_expect_success 'simple topo order (l5r1)' 'git rev-list --topo-order l5r1' <<EOF
328 l5r1
331 alt_root
350 root
353 test_output_expect_success 'simple topo order (r1l5)' 'git rev-list --topo-order r1l5' <<EOF
354 r1l5
373 root
376 alt_root
379 test_output_expect_success "don't print things unreachable from one branch" "git rev-list a3 ^b3 --topo-order" <<EOF
385 test_output_expect_success "--topo-order a4 l3" "git rev-list --topo-order a4 l3" <<EOF
402 root
408 test_done