t5800: point out that deleting branches does not work
[git/dscho.git] / branch.h
1 #ifndef BRANCH_H
2 #define BRANCH_H
4 /* Functions for acting on the information about branches. */
6 /*
7 * Creates a new branch, where head is the branch currently checked
8 * out, name is the new branch name, start_name is the name of the
9 * existing branch that the new branch should start from, force
10 * enables overwriting an existing (non-head) branch, reflog creates a
11 * reflog for the branch, and track causes the new branch to be
12 * configured to merge the remote branch that start_name is a tracking
13 * branch for (if any).
15 void create_branch(const char *head, const char *name, const char *start_name,
16 int force, int reflog,
17 int clobber_head, int quiet, enum branch_track track);
20 * Validates that the requested branch may be created, returning the
21 * interpreted ref in ref, force indicates whether (non-head) branches
22 * may be overwritten. A non-zero return value indicates that the force
23 * parameter was non-zero and the branch already exists.
25 * Contrary to all of the above, when attr_only is 1, the caller is
26 * not interested in verifying if it is Ok to update the named
27 * branch to point at a potentially different commit. It is merely
28 * asking if it is OK to change some attribute for the named branch
29 * (e.g. tracking upstream).
31 * NEEDSWORK: This needs to be split into two separate functions in the
32 * longer run for sanity.
35 int validate_new_branchname(const char *name, struct strbuf *ref, int force, int attr_only);
38 * Remove information about the state of working on the current
39 * branch. (E.g., MERGE_HEAD)
41 void remove_branch_state(void);
44 * Configure local branch "local" as downstream to branch "remote"
45 * from remote "origin". Used by git branch --set-upstream.
48 extern void install_branch_config(int flag, const char *local, const char *origin, const char *remote);
51 * Read branch description
53 extern int read_branch_desc(struct strbuf *, const char *branch_name);
55 #endif