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handlerosm.git Cherokee/MonetDB OSM server 9 years ago
KosovoCCOpenStreetMap.git Creative Commons Share-Alike Branch of the... jamesmikedupont... 8 years ago
osm-helpers.git Improved osm-helpers eddy.petrisor+osmbot... 10 years ago
osm-maps-android.git An OpenStreetMap Map view for the android 10 years ago
osm-parsepbfutils.git OSM parsepbf python class and some utilities... 6 years ago
osm-ro-tools.git Openstreetmap scripts and tools used by the... eddy.petrisor+osm... 5 years ago
osm2sqlite.git Scripts to convert OSM files to a SQLite... 9 years ago
osmose-modules.git osmose-modules - Python API for access to... 10 years ago
python-osm.git Python library for working with OpenStreetMaps 10 years ago