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mediawiki-ext-josa.git Automated Korean postpositions processing 17 hours ago
NaiadSkin.git Three column MediaWiki skin with a liquid... 5 years ago
NaiadSamples.git Deploy sample configuration for MediaWiki... 5 years ago
DeToc.git MediaWiki extension to removes or relocates... 5 years ago
gpy.git A mediawiki feed and wikilinker bot for Wikinews 8 years ago
wnstats.git Site for statistics about wikinews publishing... svetlana@members... 8 years ago
cl-mediawiki.git A Common Lisp wrapper around the MediaWiki api 9 years ago
wikipedia-parser-hphp.git compile the mediawiki parser as c++ with... JamesMikeDuPont... 10 years ago