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2013-10-09 Stefano Pigozziaudio: add af_lavrresample, remove old resampling filtersmaster
2013-10-09 Uoti Urpalaad_libav: flush decoder output after last input packet
2013-04-28 wm4osd: convert OSD font to OpenType
2013-04-28 wm4subassconvert: do not escape likely ASS override tags
2013-04-20 Uoti Urpalasubreader: fix unsafe sscanf calls with "%["
2013-04-20 Uoti Urpalademux_viv: fix unsafe code
2013-03-19 wm4input: fix possible crash in printing key combo names
2013-03-11 wm4vo_gl3: call glFlush() after frame drawing is complete
2013-03-09 Uoti Urpalalibav: switch from CODEC_ID to AV_CODEC_IDunstable
2013-03-09 Uoti Urpalavf_uspp: drop this filter
2013-03-04 Uoti Urpalasub: #include required ctype.h directly
2013-02-21 Uoti Urpalasd_ass: initialize structs for external tracks properly
2013-02-19 Uoti Urpalainput: avoid printing --input=cmdlist/keylist output...
2013-02-19 Uoti Urpalamp_msg: print messages to stdout, statusline to stderr
2013-02-04 Uoti Urpalademux_lavf: don't autoselect attached pictures as video
2013-02-04 Uoti Urpalavideo: remove lowres support, cut "too slow" message
4 years ago v2.0 mplayer2 2.0
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4 years ago v2.0-rc1 MPlayer2 2.0-rc1
4 years ago v2.0-beta1 First beta tag for testing
22 months ago master
2 years ago unstable
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