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descriptionmplayer with SMedia Glamo drivers
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last changeMon, 31 Jan 2011 09:19:20 +0000 (31 10:19 +0100)
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This is a temporary mplayer branch to keep the drivers for SMedia Glamo graphics accelerator's MPEG decoder before it is submitted upstream. The driver is written for and tested on the FIC/OpenMoko GTA02 mobile phone running Linux, which sports the 3362 Glamo model.
2011-01-31 Martin Jansavo_glamo: sub.h was moved to sub directory in c9026cb32... master
2011-01-31 Martin JansaMerge remote-tracking branch 'mplayer/master'
2011-01-28 Uoti Urpalacore: timing: fix overflow with extreme playback speed
2011-01-28 Uoti Urpalacommands: improve playback speed property/commands
2011-01-26 Uoti UrpalaMerge branch 'sub'
2011-01-26 Uoti Urpalasub/OSD: move some related files to sub/
2011-01-26 Uoti Urpalasubtitles: options: enable -ass by default
2011-01-26 Uoti Urpalasubtitles: change default libass rendering style
2011-01-26 Uoti Urpalademux_mkv, chapters: change millisecond arithmetic...
2011-01-26 Uoti Urpalacleanup: rename ass_* functions to mp_ass_*
2011-01-26 Uoti Urpalasubs: use correct font aspect ratio for libass + conver...
2011-01-26 Uoti Urpalacleanup: some random minor code simplification and...
2011-01-25 Uoti Urpalaconfigure: remove obsolete things used for internal...
2011-01-25 Clément BœschTOOLS: Remove most of the mencoder scripts and references
2011-01-25 Clément Bœschmp_msg: Remove uses of MSGT_MENCODER
2011-01-25 Clément Bœschcleanup: remove unused MEncoder-related code
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