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21 <h3>Documentation</h3><br />
23 <p>It's a fact that one of the biggest problems with today's software is lack of good documentation, or any
24 documentation for that matter. Programmers generally don't have a lot of time to document their work, and the things
25 they do document are usually oriented towards other programmers. While we can appreciate the programmers point of view,
26 we feel it's necessary to cater to a larger audience (i.e our users) by providing clear, concise information on how to
27 use our software. The sections below will bring all of these pieces of information together for you.</p>
29 <p>Before you get started with Window Maker, you need to have an understanding of how to make use of the documentation
30 that comes with the source distribution. The main objective to using documentation is to <strong>understand</strong>
31 it, which coincidentally requires that you <strong>read</strong> it. A common mistake is for new or novice users to
32 overlook this information, leading them to frustration and a bad first impression. Please take a moment to peruse the
33 sections below, which should make the experience of learning Window Maker a more pleasant one.</p>
35 <ul>
36 <li><a href="installation.php">Installation Basics</a></li>
38 <li><a href="guidedtour/index.html">Guided Tour</a></li>
39 <li><a href="guide_toc.php">User Guide</a></li>
40 <!-- <li><a href="desktop.php">Desktop/X Integration</a></li> -->
42 <li><a href="FAQ.php">FAQ</a></li>
44 <li><a href="wings.php">WINGs</a></li>
45 </ul>
47 <h3>Very frequently asked question </h3>
50 <h2> Can I easily mount my external drives or connect to the internet with Window Maker?</h2>
51 <p> Yes, you can. Mounting external media is not the problem of a window manager to solve, but
52 a tipical Window Maker user can mount external media just as easily as any other desktop user.
53 If you use a dockapp like <a href="http://dockapps.windowmaker.org/file.php/id/275">wmvolman</a> or
54 <a href="http://dockapps.windowmaker.org/file.php/id/357">wmudmount</a> you are just a click away from
55 having your external media mounted on /media/VOLUME_LABEL.</p>
57 <p> And you can just as easily manage your network connections using the standard <code>nm-applet</code> running
58 in a system tray like <a href="http://dockapps.windowmaker.org/file.php/id/355">wmsystemtray</a> on your dock.</p>
60 <div align="center"><img src="essential_dockapps.png" alt="Essential dockapps" width="66" height="135" /><div>wmvolman and wmsystemtray with nm-applet</div></div>
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