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descriptionAR7 emulation for QEMU
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last changeThu, 11 Apr 2024 05:21:53 +0000 (11 07:21 +0200)
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This modification of QEMU adds AR7 system emulation, so you can run router firmware like OpenWrt (or original vendor firmware) for AR7 based DSL routers.

2024-04-11 Stefan WeilMerge tag 'v9.0.0-rc3'master
2024-04-10 Peter MaydellUpdate version for v9.0.0-rc3 release
2024-04-10 Peter MaydellMerge tag 'hw-misc-20240410' of
2024-04-10 Philippe Mathieu... hw/audio/virtio-snd: Remove unused assignment
2024-04-10 Philippe Mathieu... hw/net/net_tx_pkt: Fix overrun in update_sctp_checksum()
2024-04-10 Philippe Mathieu... hw/sd/sdhci: Do not update TRNMOD when Command Inhibit...
2024-04-10 Philippe Mathieu... hw/net/lan9118: Fix overflow in MIL TX FIFO
2024-04-10 Philippe Mathieu... hw/net/lan9118: Replace magic '2048' value by MIL_TXFIF...
2024-04-10 Philippe Mathieu... backends/cryptodev: Do not abort for invalid session ID
2024-04-10 Philippe Mathieu... hw/misc/applesmc: Fix memory leak in reset() handler
2024-04-10 Philippe Mathieu... hw/misc/applesmc: Do not call DeviceReset from DeviceRe...
2024-04-10 Philippe Mathieu... hw/block/nand: Fix out-of-bound access in NAND block...
2024-04-10 Philippe Mathieu... hw/block/nand: Have blk_load() take unsigned offset...
2024-04-10 Philippe Mathieu... hw/block/nand: Factor nand_load_iolen() method out
2024-04-10 Yuquan Wangqemu-options: Fix CXL Fixed Memory Window interleave...
2024-04-10 Philippe Mathieu... hw/virtio/virtio-crypto: Protect from DMA re-entrancy...
4 years ago v4.2.0 v4.2.0 release
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4 years ago v4.1.0 v4.1.0 release
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4 years ago v4.1.0-rc4 v4.1.0-rc4 release
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