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descriptionEric Blake's pending patches to qemu
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last changeSat, 30 Mar 2019 16:01:08 +0000 (30 11:01 -0500)
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The 'nbd' branch is maintained per MAINTAINERS; it is rebased as needed and tracks current patches that will be submitted as a pull request. Other branches are more sporadically maintained (primarily after I post a large series to the list), and are also very likely to be rebased without warning.
2019-03-30 Eric Blakeqemu-img: Saner printing of large file sizesmaster
2019-03-30 Eric Blakenbd/server: Advertise actual minimum block size
2019-03-30 Eric Blakeblock: Add bdrv_get_request_alignment()
2019-03-30 Eric Blakenbd/client: Support qemu-img convert from unaligned...
2019-03-30 Eric Blakenbd/client: Reject inaccessible tail of inconsistent...
2019-03-30 Eric Blakenbd/client: Report offsets in bdrv_block_status
2019-03-30 Eric Blakenbd/client: Lower min_block for block-status, unaligned...
2019-03-30 Eric Blakeiotests: Add 241 to test NBD on unaligned images
2019-03-30 Eric Blakenbd-client: Work around server BLOCK_STATUS misalignmen...
2019-03-30 Eric Blakeqemu-img: Gracefully shutdown when map can't finish
2019-03-30 Eric Blakenbd: Permit simple error to NBD_CMD_BLOCK_STATUS
2019-03-30 Eric Blakenbd: Don't lose server's error to NBD_CMD_BLOCK_STATUS
2019-03-30 Eric Blakenbd: Tolerate some server non-compliance in NBD_CMD_BLO...
2019-03-30 Eric Blakeqemu-img: Report bdrv_block_status failures
2019-03-29 Peter MaydellMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/rth/tags/pull...
2019-03-29 Peter MaydellMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/jasowang/tags...
12 days ago pull-nbd-2019-05-07 nbd patches for 2019-05-07
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6 weeks ago pull-nbd-2019-04-01 nbd patches for 2019-04-01
2 months ago pull-nbd-2019-03-08 nbd patches for 2019-03-08
2 months ago pull-nbd-2019-02-25-v2 nbd patches for 2019-02-25
2 months ago pull-nbd-2019-02-25 nbd patches for 2019-02-25
3 months ago pull-nbd-2019-02-11 nbd patches for 2019-02-11
3 months ago pull-nbd-2019-02-04 nbd patches for 2019-02-04
3 months ago pull-nbd-2019-01-21 nbd patches for 2019-01-21
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4 months ago pull-nbd-2019-01-14 nbd patches for 2019-01-14
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