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last changeFri, 20 Nov 2009 18:21:20 +0000 (20 18:21 +0000)
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Fabrice Bellard.
2009-11-20 David WoodhouseFix 32-bit overflow in parallels image supportF-12masterqemu-0.11.0-12.fc12qemu-0.11.0-12.fc13
2009-11-20 Mark McLoughlinslirp: fix use-after-free
2009-11-04 Mark McLoughlinDisable preadv/pwritev supportqemu-0.11.0-11.fc12qemu-0.11.0-11.fc13
2009-10-29 Mark McLoughlinnet: disable draining tap queue in one goqemu-0.11.0-9.fc12qemu-0.11.0-9.fc13
2009-10-29 Glauber Costaproperly save kvm system time msr registersqemu-0.11.0-8.fc12qemu-0.11.0-8.fc13
2009-10-19 Eduardo Habkostfix MSR_COUNT for kvm_arch_save_regs()qemu-0.11.0-7.fc12qemu-0.11.0-7.fc13
2009-10-09 Kevin Wolfqcow2: Bring synchronous read/write back to lifeqemu-0.11.0-6.fc12qemu-0.11.0-6.fc13
2009-10-09 Justin M. ForbesImprove error reporting on file access
2009-09-28 Markus ArmbrusterFix pci_add nic not to exit on bad modelqemu-0.11.0-2.fc12
2009-09-28 Markus ArmbrusterMake it obvious that pci_nic_init() can't fail
2009-09-28 Glauber CostaCorrectly free nd structureqemu-0.11.0-1.fc12
2009-09-28 Izik Eiduskvm userspace: ksm support
2009-09-28 Mark McLoughlinAllow pulseaudio backend to be the default
2009-09-28 Mark McLoughlinFix linux-user build on ppc
2009-09-28 Glauber Costacompute checksum for roms bigger than a segment
2009-09-23 Avi KivityMerge branch 'stable-0.11' of git://
9 years ago qemu-0.11.0-12.fc12 qemu-0.11.0-12.fc12
9 years ago qemu-0.11.0-12.fc13 qemu-0.11.0-12.fc13
9 years ago qemu-0.11.0-11.fc12 qemu-0.11.0-11.fc12
9 years ago qemu-0.11.0-11.fc13 qemu-0.11.0-11.fc13
9 years ago qemu-0.11.0-9.fc12 qemu-0.11.0-9.fc12
9 years ago qemu-0.11.0-9.fc13 qemu-0.11.0-9.fc13
9 years ago qemu-0.11.0-8.fc13 qemu-0.11.0-8.fc13
9 years ago qemu-0.11.0-8.fc12 qemu-0.11.0-8.fc12
9 years ago qemu-0.11.0-7.fc13 qemu-0.11.0-7.fc13
9 years ago qemu-0.11.0-7.fc12 qemu-0.11.0-7.fc12
9 years ago qemu-0.10.6-8.fc11 qemu-0.10.6-8.fc11
9 years ago qemu-0.11.0-6.fc12 qemu-0.11.0-6.fc12
9 years ago qemu-0.11.0-6.fc13 qemu-0.11.0-6.fc13
9 years ago qemu-0.11.0-3.fc13 qemu-0.11.0-3.fc13
9 years ago qemu-0.11.0-3.fc12 qemu-0.11.0-3.fc12
9 years ago qemu-0.10.6-6.fc11 qemu-0.10.6-6.fc11
9 years ago master
9 years ago F-12
9 years ago F-11