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descriptionSome hacks on pachi to make it more fun to play with...
last changeFri, 15 Jul 2011 08:07:31 +0000 (15 16:07 +0800)
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readme well as some experiments regarding its algorithm.
2011-07-15 r6144More notes on the possible min/max
2011-07-15 r6144Now prints last_urgency to help debugging. Seems that...
2011-07-15 r6144Some tests regarding the 110713 game. Turns out that...
2011-07-15 r6144More notes on the possible improvements to UCT.
2011-07-14 r6144Added 110714-73.gtp. The original move 73 is apparentl...
2011-07-14 r6144Added some investigations of another game. Move 61...
2011-07-14 r6144Added promote-move2.gtp, which is a shorter test case...
2011-07-14 r6144Updated NOTES after the last commit.
2011-07-14 r6144Now preserves extra_komi after tree resets causing...
2011-07-14 r6144Some more notes on pruning and the cause of the cannot...
2011-07-14 r6144Yet more notes on memory management.
2011-07-14 r6144More notes. Also investigating the unable-to-promote...
2011-07-14 r6144More notes.
2011-07-14 r6144Now uct1amaf generates a pass if it is indeed the best.
2011-07-13 r6144Need to investigate why a pass isn't generated even...
2011-07-13 r6144Reduced the annoying verbosity in best2_ratio stuff.
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