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8 <H1>Linux Advanced Routing &amp; Traffic Control</H1>
9 </td><td></td><td valign=top align=right><a href=><img
10 src=></a><p></td>
12 <tr><td><a href="">bert hubert</a> (<a
13 href=>PowerDNS.COM BV</a>) ,<br>
14 <table><tr valign=top><td>
15 Section authors: </td>
16 <td>
17 <a href="">Thomas Graf</a>,
18 <a href="">Greg Maxwell</a> <a
20 <a href=>Remco van Mook</a> (<a
21 href=>Virtu Secure Webservices</a>) <br>
22 Martijn van Oosterhout,
23 Paul B Schroeder,
24 <a href="">Jasper Spaans</a>,
25 Pedro Larroy
26 </td></table>
27 <br>
28 <a href="mailto:send-mail-to-the-mailinglist-not-to-the-HOWTO-authors-unless-you-have-a-complaint-or-patch-about-the-HOWTO!"></a> <small>(HOWTO related only, do
29 <strong>not</strong> send questions)</small> <br>
30 <a href="#mailinglist"></a>
31 (<small>mailing list</a>/<a
32 href=>archive</a>, the <strong>only</strong> place to send
33 questions!</a>)<br>
34 (<font color=#ff0000><a href=#mailinglist>subscribe</a> before posting!</font>)<br></small>
35 #lartc on <a href=></a> (<a
36 href=dejairc.php>archives</a>)</td><td valign=bottom align=right>
38 </td>
39 <td valign=top>Translations:
40 <br>
41 <a href=LARTC-zh_CN.GB2312.pdf>[ Chinese (zh_CN.GB2312) ] </a> <br>
43 href=>
45 [ French ]</a> (fixed)
46 <br><a href="">
47 [ Korean ]</a>
48 <br>
50 href=>
51 [ Polish ]
52 </a>
53 <p>
54 <table bgcolor=#ff0000><tr><td>
55 <a href=wondershaper><font color=#ffffff>ADSL/Cable Wondershaper!</a>
56 </td></table>
57 </td>
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62 <td><a href="#news">News</a> </td>
63 <td><a href="#mailinglist">Mailinglist</a> </td>
64 <td><strong><a href="#download">Download</a></strong></td>
65 <td><a href=manpages/>Manpages</a></td>
66 <td><strong><a href=howto><font color=#ff0000>Dive
67 in!</font></a></strong>
68 <td><a href="#jobs">Jobs</a> </td>
69 <td><a href="#bazaar">Bazaar</a></td>
70 <td><a href="#sponsor">Sponsor</a>
71 </td></tr>
72 </table>
73 Massive thanks to:<br>
74 <small>
76 readfile("/home/ahu/content/lartc/cvs/2.4routing/contriblist");
78 </small></center>
79 <p>
81 Linux has very advanced Routing, filtering and traffic shaping options.
82 This site attempts to document how to configure and use these features.
84 <a name="news"></a>
85 <h2>News</H2>
86 <table border=1>
87 <tr><td valign=top>2003-07-26</td><td>
88 Started updating several sections based on the massive amount of email that
89 concerned readers keep sending me, thanks! Added Thomas Graf as a section
90 author in recognition for his work on the OSPF and BGP chapters.
91 </td></tr>
92 <tr><td valign=top>2002-11-00</td><td>
93 A spanish translation is appearing <a href=>here</a>.</td></tr>
94 <tr><td valign=top>2002-11-08</td><td>IPSEC IN LINUX 2.5.47! Read all about
95 it <a href=>here</a>.</td></tr>
96 <tr><td valign=top>2002-07-20</td><td>Hate so called 'opt-in' spam? Visit
97 <a href=>this page</a> or the <a
98 href=>local mirror</a>. Even better, submit
99 addresses of known opt-in spam supporters!</td>
100 <tr><td valign=top>2002-07-07</td><td>Moved the IRC channel #lartc to
101 - a very down to earth IRC network without operators begging
102 for financial support. If you are new to IRC, give it a try. An excellent
103 irc client is <a href=>irssi</a>. IRC archives
104 will be back soon!</td>
105 <tr><td valign=top>2002-06-29</td><td><a
106 href=>Ottawa Linux Symposium 2002</a>
107 presentation <a href=>Linux Traffic Control
108 for the User and Developer</a> online!</td>
109 <tr><td valign=top>2002-05-15</td><td>Finally replaced the malfunctioning
110 server. Thanks to <a href=>Dave
111 Aaldering</a> of <a href=>Hubris</a> we quickly found a
113 href=>
114 new</a> <a href=>one</a>. We are very confident that we will now be up &gt;99%.</td>
115 <tr><td valign=top>2002-04-15</td><td><a href=wondershaper/>Wondershaper
116 1.1</a> released</td>
117 <tr><td valign=top>2002-04-11</td><td>Thanks to <a
118 href=>Arthur van
119 Leeuwen</a> we finally have <a
120 href=>
121 a good section on how to combine multiple
122 internet links succesfully</a>. Today is also <font color=#ff0000>FLAG
123 DAY!</font> I've shifted to DocBook and all 'deep links' are now dead.
124 The good news is that DocBook has features to make deep links more robust,
125 so expect some nice URLs soon.</a></td>
126 <tr><td valign=top>2002-03-15</td><td>Psssst! Sneak preview of what I've
127 been doing the past year and a half or so: the <a
128 href=>PowerDNS not-for-profit release</a>. In other
129 news, the tea crisis has subsided. Family went to the UK and brought a
130 year's supply of tea.</td>
131 <tr><td valign=top>2002-03-10</td><td>Started migration to DocBook! I think
132 the <a href=lartc.pdf>PDF</a> looks a lot better. The <a
133 href=docbook-html>HTML</a> isn't bad either. <a href=lartc.txt>Text</a> needs
134 some work though. Let <a>me</a> know what you think!</td>
137 <tr><td>200[012]</td><td><a href=oldnews.html>Older news</a></td>
138 </table>
139 <a name="mailinglist"></a>
140 <H2>LARTC Mailinglist</H2>
141 It appears that the topic of our HOWTO is getting popular, so we decided to
142 start a mailinglist dedicated to discussions about advanced routing &amp;
143 shaping with Linux!
145 The advent of the Linux Advanced Routing &amp; Traffic Control list also
146 means that questions asked privately will no longer be answered, as these
147 answers benefit only single users. Asking questions on the list is far more
148 net-friendly. So if you want to ask us a question, <a
149 href=>subscribe to the
150 mailinglist</a>, and ask it! An <a
151 href=>archive</a> is also available,
152 and google has picked it up as well.
154 <font color=#ff0000>Please note that due to excessive spam the list has
155 become 'members only' - so please <a
156 href=>subscribe</a> first!</font>
157 The moderator will not approve postings from non-subscribed addresses as he
158 is not available at all times. If you just want to post, and not receive
159 mail, you can indicate this on the Mailman mailinglist management page.
161 <a name="download"></a>
162 <H2>Linux Advanced Routing &amp; Traffic Control HOWTO</H2>
164 Current version is 1.0.0 Files were last updated at
166 if(!($st=stat("lartc.db")))
167 $st=stat("lartc.db");
168 print date("Y-m-d H:i",$st[9]);
169 print " CET ";
171 printf("(ie, about %.1f hours ago). ",((time()-$st[9])/3600));
172 if(((time()-$st[9])/3600)<1)
174 print "There has been a recent update - use of shift-reload".
175 " is advised!";
179 The French
180 version by Laurent Foucher and Philippe Latu from the
181 <a href=>
182 Technology Institute of the University of Toulouse</a>
183 plus Thierry Mallard and Yannick Quenec'hdu from
184 <a href=>
185 Idealx</a> is available <a href=>
186 here</a>. Terrific work!
188 A Korean translation can be found on
189 <a href="">here</a>.
191 Polish translation is <a
192 href=>here</a>.
193 <ul>
194 <li><a href="cvs.log">CVS Changelog</a>
195 <li><a href="lartc.db">DocBook SGML</A>
196 <li><a href="lartc.txt">ASCII</A>, .txt
197 <li><a href="howto/">HTML</A>, <a
198 href="lartc.html">One-big-page
199 HTML</A>, <a href="html.tar.gz">HTML tarfile</A>
200 <li><a href="">ps</A>, <a href="">ps.gz</A>
201 <li><a href="lartc.pdf">pdf</A>, <a
202 href="lartc.pdf.gz">pdf.gz</A>
203 </ul>
204 <a name="jobs"></a>
205 <H2>Jobs list</H2>
206 Like the Linux kernel, we have a jobs list. If you have any expertise
207 in any of these areas, please pitch in.
208 <ul>
209 <li>remove incorrect or dead content
210 <li>There are a *lot* of FIXME notices, so this means YOU!</li>
211 <li>IPsec</li>
212 <li>Multipath routing
213 </ul>
214 <a name="bazaar"></a>
215 <H2>Bazaar</H2>
216 This HOWTO is intended to be very much a <a
217 href="">Bazaar</a> style development. If it
219 were to be any more open, bits would fall out.
221 A CVS tree is available. try this:
222 <pre>
223 $ export
224 $ cvs login
225 CVS password: [enter 'cvs' (without 's)]
226 $ cvs co 2.4routing
227 cvs server: Updating 2.4routing
228 U 2.4routing/lartc.db
230 </pre>
232 If you made changes and want to contribute them, run 'cvs -z3 diff -uBb',
233 and mail the output to <a></a>, we
234 can then integrate it easily. Thanks! Please make sure that you edit the
235 .db file, by the way, the other files are generated from that one.
237 The idea is that this HOWTO will be a cooperative effort, much like the
238 Linux kernel itself.
240 <a name="sponsor"></a>
241 <H2>Sponsor</h2>
242 <a href=>
243 This site made possible by PowerDNS, for all your domain needs and
244 nameserver software.
245 </a>
246 <br>
247 <a href=>Other projects.</a>
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