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A framework for writing IM/chat robots for the Jabber / XMPP protocol.


Source code:

Development version:

   git clone git:// pythonjabberbot-code


   xmpppy (
   On Debian-based systems, xmpppy is packaged as "python-xmpp"

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Bug tracker:
2012-03-26 Malte Kuhnimprovements on MUC set role/affiliationmaster
2012-03-11 Malte KuhnXEP-0045 / TODO / gitignore
2012-03-08 Thomas PerlJabberBot 0.15 released
2012-03-08 Thomas PerlRelease preparations (various cleanups, PEP-8)
2012-02-09 Thomas PerlSimple example showing command prefixes
2012-02-09 Thomas PerlAdd support for command prefixes
2012-01-19 Thomas PerlDon't update last ping time on data received
2011-11-29 Thomas PerlPython < 2.7 compatibility fix
2011-09-12 Malte Kuhnlogo for python-jabberbot
2011-09-11 Malte KuhnFixing uri's in README
2011-09-11 Malte KuhnFixing my mistaken reverts; Reported by Aleksandr Tishin
2011-09-04 Malte KuhnMark commandthreads experimental
2011-09-04 Malte KuhnAdd kick and invite for MultiUserChat
2011-09-04 Malte Kuhnuse predicate in getmembers
2011-09-04 Malte Kuhnunify command attributes
2011-09-04 Malte KuhnControl of linebreak in help back in users hand
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